You’re The Kind Of Man I Want To Marry

From the LYWB Team: We have loved reading your tributes to your dads. Way to go! Here is one of our favorites.

Kaylee LoewenDear Dad,

If there is something I have realized this Father’s Day, it is that I do not tell you nearly enough how great of a dad you are, how important and special you are to me, or how much I care about you.

I remember the times that you have gone riding with me, even though it is not your favorite thing to do. I appreciate the times when you have taken me horse shopping and given me special gifts, like Teddy, that help push me toward my goals. I enjoy going out to milk the cow because it gives me time to talk to just you. I also really appreciate the times when you help me with my schoolwork, especially math! Even when I complain, you just patiently help me to understand. I also really love the days when I get to go on a "date" with you and do special things like bowling and Fiddlesticks.

I remember when you taught me how to bike and swim and how you always made me feel like I really could do it. Most of all, I love the way that you have been an awesome example of how to follow God’s direction even when it’s hard and that you push me toward a better relationship with Christ by getting into the Word every day.

As I’m growing up, I am able to see more clearly everything that you do for our family and how you do even the hardest jobs without complaint. I love the way you treat my mom and my siblings and how you are always a great peacemaker in both our home and your workplace. You always find a gentle way to calm me down when I’m upset, and when I complain and get mad, you still show me an unconditional daddy’s love.

When you told me that I was pretty, it meant more to me than if anyone else had said it, and best of all, I could see that you meant it. You always know how to make me feel special and how to make me laugh even when I’m upset. Someday when we get to heaven, I am going to have to ask God how He knew to give me such a great daddy!

I feel so blessed to have been raised by such a wonderful dad, and I hope that someday I can find a man to marry that is just like you. My words can never truly express how much I love you, but I want you to know, you really are the best dad!

I love you so much, Daddy!

Your daughter,


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