You Can Trust God When Learning Is Hard

In celebration of the release of You Can Trust God to Write Your Story, a new book from our friends Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Robert Wolgemuth, we asked you to share your stories of how you’ve seen God’s Providence and care in your own lives.

You’ve sent us heartbreaking stories and happy stories; stories of triumph and some of defeat. Some of the stories you’ve sent have tidy endings, some are still in the messy middle. Yet all of them remind us that God is always writing a bigger story—the story of redemption.

Today, we’re sharing Emily’s story of dealing with a learning disability, shared in her own words.

All my life I have had a non-verbal learning disability. Now most people hear this, they quickly assume that I can’t talk. This is not so. As a matter of fact I can talk and love to talk. Having a disability from a very young age has been very hard. I experience ups and downs throughout each and every day. Some days are harder than others. Some days I just want to be normal like my friends and friends and not ask for help all the time. Many a time I just felt the sickening lies of the enemy just weigh me down . . .

“Life would be better if Emily was not alive . . .”
“She should just go ahead and kill herself . . .”
“It’s not like anyone would miss her anyway . . .”

For a long time I bought that lie from the store all the time. Life was hard, and I had enough of this.

Emilys heart shifted when God taught her how to see her disability as a gift. As Emily began sharing her story with others, she became an Ambassador of hope. 

Last year I was going for a walk the week before Canadian Thanksgiving. I was reflecting on what God wanted me to be thankful for this year. His answer totally and completely surprised me. “Emily, your disability is a gift. It is not an accident.” The Lord showed me that when I grump and gripe about my disability, it makes Him very sad.

Imagine that you’ve wanted a gift, something that you’ve really wanted for a long time. Well, the day is finally here, and you get to open the gift. Did I mention it comes with pretty bows and wrapping paper? You quickly open it, and to your surprise, your face falls, and you get angry. You can vent out your outburst by saying, “This isn’t what I asked for. Didn’t you pay attention to what I asked for?” I think that this is the same way with God. He gives good gifts to his children (James 1:17), and who are we to question His plan?

Once I knew that God wanted me to be thankful for my disability, I opened the notes app on my phone. From there I wrote a testimony of why I am thankful for my disability. A few weeks later I was accepted to go on a mission trip team to Tijuana, Mexico, and our young adults pastor asked me to share this story with the team after I read it to him. It was the most terrifying thing I’d done, but looking back on it now, it was so incredibly powerful.

I don’t usually like to share about my disability, and for the longest time, I didn’t want to. But if you share with others, there are people who come alongside you and say, “I love you, and you’re so brave.” About a year ago I heard one of my friends share her perspective on disability, and I was so moved by what she had to share. She says, “Disability is only temporary.” Amen! I love that a lot. And if you take off the “dis,” it spells ability.

What About Your Story?

Does Emily’s story remind you of your own? Maybe you’ve:

  • Struggled to learn like everyone else seems to . . .
  • Felt like you’ll never fit in . . .
  • Been tempted to give up . . .
  • Felt ashamed of the ways God made you.

In You Can Trust God to Write Your Story Nancy and Robert remind us that God is using the parts of our storiesthe good, the bad, and the hard, to make us more like Him.

God’s Story is about far more than just giving us an uneventful joyride to heaven. It is about His kingdom coming and His will being done on earthin us!as it is in heaven. It is about preparing and fitting us for eternity. And it is about changing us, growing us up from immature, self-absorbed, idol-worshipping, whining, sinning brats into mature, Christ-absorbed, God exalting, grateful, obedient followers and friends. Like all good stories, it is about transformation. 

How is God using your story to transform you? And how can you use your story to tell others about Him? Use the form below to tell us your story.

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