Winning The Bread (And Clothes And Roof And . . .) With Integrity

From the LYWB Team: We have loved reading your tributes to your dads. Way to go! Here is one of our favorites.

Dear Daddy, 

Thank you for teaching me to fear and reverence God. You’ve used life as a lesson. (I still remember the time when you came home from work and shared how, little girl kissing daddyearlier that day, there was a crash by the side of the road. You were honest about how you should have stopped but didn’t, and you let that be an exhortation to do right, even when it costs.)

Thank you for your example of hard, honest labor. I’ve learned that work needs to be done and, more importantly, done well. Also, I know that God rewards integrity, because He’s blessed you for your truthful business.

Thank you for providing for our family, i.e., thank you for winning our bread (and clothes, and roof, etc.). I know you work hard to care for us. Thank you for protecting me and wanting what (and who) is best for me. I know that if a boy ever messes with me, he’ll have to deal with you—and then meet Jesus (if ya know what I’m sayin’). It is so comforting to know that you won’t let me be put in a dangerous situation.

Thank you for your faithfulness to your wife in this unfaithful world. How blessed we are to have a whole, Christian family. I know that it’s more of a blessing than I can imagine.

Thank you for understanding what it’s like to be the oldest. To avoid incriminating myself in the eyes of some people I won’t go into detail, but thanks for sympathizing with the responsibilities.

Thank you for wanting to homeschool us! I love being homeschooled more than I can say. I’m glad that you responded to the nudge on your heart and prayed for Mom to feel it, too.

Thank you for helping me out with confusing technological stuff. 🙂 I’m grateful for your steady presence, your quiet wisdom, and your know-how leadership.

You’re great in so many ways, more than I can sum up into one letter. I’ll end with a simple statement:

I love you! (And Happy Father’s Day!)


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