True You Episode 12: The Truth About Surviving Your Teens

Do you ever feel pressured to participate in risky behaviors? Or, are YOU the one pressuring others to try them? Thousands of teens die every year from taking risks they should not. The most serious threats to your health and safety are preventable. But the prevention starts by assaulting the lies you may believe about drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Today on True You, we’re talking about the importance of making wise decisions. All too often, we place our focus on temporary pleasures in life—finding ourselves caught in short-sighted thinking and the idea of living in the moment. While it’s good to enjoy the present, we must think through the long-term consequences of our actions. A split-second decision could forever change the course of our lives. Check out one girl’s journey of learning how to make wise choices.

The Truth About Surviving Your Teens

If you’ve found yourself contemplating or participating in risky activities, here are a few verses to guide you on the path of making wise decisions. Write them down, memorize them, and live in their Truth. Be wise in who you are today and you’ll thank yourself tomorrow!

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