True Love Challenge: Jesus & His Bride

Happy Valentine’s Day! You are loved, dear readers, by a never-failing, always-constant, wound-healing, joy-giving God. Don’t forget that!

Open your Bible to Revelation, and read Revelation 19:1–10. Then meet Aylín Merck, another writer for the Joven Verdadera blog! Aylín is guiding us through a mini Bible study of Revelation 19 today, and it’s going to be good! (Don’t let the phrase “Bible study” intimidate you. You can do this! All you need is your Bible, a pen, and a journal . . . and you may be amazed by what God brings to light as you work through this passage!) —Samantha, Lies Young Women Believe Blog Content Manager

Like most girls, I always dreamed about my future love story when I was growing up.

I lived for the day I’d get married.

Every wedding I attended fed my imagination for my own wedding. At times I even wondered if life would be boring after my wedding day. Have you ever wondered that, too? After waiting all my life for that one magical day, what else would there be to look forward to?

Nothing seemed as exciting as finding (and being found by) the man of my dreams, falling in love, and celebrating how wonderful life was with this man by my side.

The truth is all of history is headed toward a grand wedding. But unlike the self-centered and small world I lived in, this coming wedding isn’t about about me and my own happiness. (And maybe because its scope is far better and grander, I will actually will live happily ever after.)

This wedding day is called “the wedding feast of the Lamb” in Scripture. On that day, our eyes won’t be locked on the splendor of the Bride, the Church (even though she will be magnificent!). The Lamb is at the center of the party. The glory of the heavenly Bridegroom will take our breath away. We are His!

What else do we know about this world-changing wedding? Let’s study Revelation 19:1–10 together. Grab a pen and a journal, and consider these ideas.

  1. Make a note of the repetitions you notice in this passage. Pay close attention to all the references to God—the different names given to Him and what is true about Him and His work.
  2. Hallelujah means “praise the Lord.” What are the three reasons given in this passage to praise the Lord?
  3. What strikes you as unusual about what is being celebrated in the marriage feast of the Lamb? (Tip: Read verses 1–3.)
  4. What is the attitude of the twenty-four elders and four living creatures?
  5. How did the Bride make herself ready for the marriage? Note the word “granted” in verse 8. What is the emphasis? (Read Ephesians 5:25–27.)
  6. In verse 9, who is blessed, according to the angel?
  7. In one paragraph, summarize what you see happening in this passage. Include the overall tone of the passage.
  8. What three words would you use to describe the love of the Lamb described in all these passages?
  9. The love of Christ for His Bride is a sacrificial, purifying, and rescuing love. The Lamb loved His Bride and sacrificed Himself for her. The purpose of His sacrifice was to purify her from her sins. He rescued her from judgment and wrath.

If you are in Christ, you are a member of the Church, His Bride. Can you even wrap your mind around this? Christ’s sacrifice on the cross has made you righteous in God’s eyes, and the Holy Spirit will continue to sanctify you until the day He presents you blameless together with the Church (2 Cor. 5:21, Phil. 3:8–9, Isa. 61:10). I don’t know about you, but this gives me great hope!

I see all the ways I fail to live out God’s command to holiness . . . but the truth is I am wearing Christ’s spotless robes. One day, together with all the saints, our holy splendor will bring Jesus great joy (Jude 24).

If you are not in Christ, please see how salvation and judgment are so closely linked at the marriage feast of the Lamb. This was very sobering to me. Christ’s judgments are true. He will judge those who never believed in Him as their Savior but who lived for themselves (Rev. 20:11–15).

If this is you, turn away from your sins and look to Christ in faith. Believe His sacrificial, purifying, and rescuing love is for you. He, my friend, is faithful and true. This is both cause for joy to those who believe and sorrow for those who don’t.

You can pray Revelation 19:1–10 back to the Lord. Call Him by the names He’s given, praise Him for His work, confess specific ways you are not worshiping Jesus, and rejoice in who Christ is and who He is for you.

I want to leave you with a song I love to listen to. It helps reorient my affections for that Wedding Day. Maybe one day you can play it at your wedding as a reminder of the Real Wedding all weddings point to.

About Author

Aylín Merck is a wife & mom to 3. She lives with her family in the Middle East. She loves guacamole, peppermint lattes & all things chocolate fudge. The most important truth about her is that she is one with Christ. Her passion is to behold God's beauty in Christ Jesus & to cultivate delight in Him in all those she interacts with. You can find her on IG @aylinmerck

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