Three More Ways to Sink Your Teeth Into Truth This Year

I’ve been encouraging you to resolve to put God’s truth into action in the New Year. Here are three more ways you can sink your teeth into truth!

1. I will seek holiness above happiness (Eph. 5:26–27, Rom. 8:29).

For each of us, our natural bent in the year ahead will be to make choices based on preservation of personal comfort and happiness. But temporary happiness is not the highest good, nor is it our right.

God calls each of us to pursue holiness. His plan is to conform us to His image. By trying to escape everything that threatens your feelings of happiness in the year ahead, you may forfeit a far higher good that He is seeking to bring about in your life.

Form a new habit of telling yourself and God that you desire more than to be happy; you want to be holy.

To choose the pathway of holiness will sometimes require sacrificing our personal comfort and convenience. But any sacrifice we make is temporary, and cannot be compared with the joy and fulfillment we will gain in eternity. Only through seeking to be holy can we ever experience true happiness. (Lies Women Believe)

2. I will refuse to run from suffering (1 Pet. 5:10).

Suffering takes on a whole different perspective when we realize that it is an essential tool in the hand of God to conform us to the image of Jesus. The process of sanctification takes place as we embrace our suffering, rather than running from it or resenting it. (Lies Women Believe)

As periods of suffering come into your life this year, embrace them as a way to become more like Jesus. Ask God to use any suffering in the year ahead for maximum shaping into His image. Also, make it a goal to encourage others who are suffering around you with the truth that God is able to use difficult situations like a chisel to make us look more like Him.

Also, remind yourself and others that because of God’s grace and love our suffering will not last forever.

God has promised that one day “there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain” (Rev. 21:4). So, dear child of God, when your eyes are filled with tears and there seems to be no hope, take courage. Lift up your head, give thanks, endure, and know that it will not be long before your faith will be rewarded with the sight of the One who has promised to be with you to the end. (Lies Women Believe)

3. Make 2014 about glorifying God (Col. 1:16–18; Rev. 4:11).

I need frequent reminders that this world was not created to revolve around me. The entire universe—including you and me—was created to revolve around the One who is high and lifted up and seated on His throne. (Lies Women Believe)

Let’s be honest, most New Year’s resolutions are me-centric. We want to get in better shape. We want more free time. We want an exciting adventure. Those things aren’t necessarily bad, but a year focused entirely on our needs and desires misses a huge mark. God’s plans and purposes are far more important than the things that fill our hearts and occupy our thoughts.

You can make a dramatic difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you this year by choosing to live for God’s glory and saying to Him, “It’s not about me. It’s about You. If it pleases You, it pleases me. All that matters is that You are glorified.”

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