Thoughts On Suicide From One Of Its Victims

In yesterday’s post, eighteen-year-old senior, Will Jaggers opened up about the impact of his father’s suicide, fifteen years ago. Check out the second half of his interview here. (Note: Pay close attention to where Will finds hope.)

Erin: What would you say to one of our readers who is considering suicide as a way to escape their circumstances?

Will: Your emotions and your circumstances will change. That is just how life is. However, if you choose to kill yourself, that is permanent and you can’t get a do-over. You can’t take it back. Others do care. Suicide should not be an option. It is a horrible thing. Being a victim of suicide, I want you to think about others around you and how much it will hurt them. However, if you are just thinking about you … if you don’t know Jesus and you kill yourself, you are definitely going to hell. It is a real place, and there is no escape from the eternal torment you would face. You will not find relief.

If you believe you are a Christian, and you believe you can still go to heaven even if you kill yourself (and I am not going to argue this one here), then you have to agree you are at the very least giving up some of the rewards you would have in heaven. You are missing things God has planned for you. He has GOOD things planned for you. He really does.  He can and does bring good from awful, hard situations. I am living proof of that. So is my family.

Erin: Where do you find hope?

Will: JESUS, prayer, the Word, other believers … especially my dad, Deron Jaggers. He married my mom and adopted me and my little brother. He is the greatest man I have ever known. He chose to love me. He is a good friend to me. The cool thing is he loves God more than he loves us, and that helps me know he will always love us, too. He has always encouraged me to stay close to God and depend on Him more than anything. He has been through some hard things of his own, and I have seen God be his peace.

Erin: Specifically, who has helped you as you work through the pain of losing your father?

Will: My dad (Deron) … and I have to say my mom and God. My mom kept making me talk and sometimes when I didn’t want to. The Enemy is the father of all lies, and he loves to try to get us to believe some garbage. When you talk about things and bring them out in the light, it helps you see the lies for what they are—lies.  God says in His Word that we are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). I try to compare my thoughts against God’s truth. This helps me with lots of things in life and gives me hope.

Erin: What steps would you encourage our readers to take who are struggling and don’t know where to turn for help?

Will: Tell someone! Tell your pastor, a friend, your parents, call a suicide prevention hotline. Don’t sit there and be a lone ranger. The devil loves a lone ranger. Go where you can hear some truth. Pick up your Bible. God loves you so much. You have so much to live for. Run to Jesus. Run to a real relationship with Him. God says His plans for you are exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or imagine. You will get past this. Tell someone!

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