The Dangers In Breaking Dawn

Twilight is not a new topic on this blog. But I want to write about it again. Not because I have a desire to beat a dead horse, but more because this horse still seems to be running away with your hearts and minds.

I’m not a Twilight fan. Actually, I feel more strongly than that. I would say that Twilight has done more to deceive young women and distort God’s truth than any other book or movie in recent years. Big statement, I know. And there are lots of reasons why I feel so strongly. I can’t unpackaged them all in one post, but here’s my main beef with this series—Twilight has led to an unholy fantasy life for millions of young women.

I can’t tell you how many young women I’ve talked to who defended Twilight in one breath and swooned over Edward in the next. Going gaga over a fictional character is not a new phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay.

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In fact, my problem with Twilight is the same beef I have with all romance novels—it cheapens God’s vision for love and romance and causes our hearts to crave a counterfeit.

In an article about “chick lit” for Relevant Magazine, Russell Moore put it this way; “Pornography is based on the illusion of a perfectly willing, always aroused partner without the ‘work’ of relational intimacy. Romance novels or their film equivalents do the same thing for the emotional needs of women that pornography offers for the erotic urges of men.”

Whoa! Did he just compare romantic novels and movies to porn? Yep. And I back him up 100 percent. Actually, you do too. Many, many of you have written about the way the Twilight books and movies have impacted your fantasy life, and the bottom line has been that they have not moved you toward purer thoughts and actions.

I realize that Twilight is not porn (despite the fact that Taylor Lautner is bare-chested as often as possible). But the impact on our female hearts is just as radical and wrong as if it was. These movies make us crave a version of love that is eternal but tied to a human being. They show a kind of love that conquers all but is rooted in selfishness, rebellion, and secrecy. They put on display a couple whose main goal is to be happy and not to be holy. And there’s enough making out spelled out or implied to make any girl’s mind run wild.

We don’t even have to talk about vampires or werewolves to red flag this movie. There’s no need to even dissect whether this movie is okay because Bella and Edward delay sex until marriage or because good triumphs over evil. These books and movies prey on our desire for intimacy as women and focus on a relationship that never takes God into the equation. That’s enough for me to want to warn you to steer clear, but since there’s even more at stake we will keep talking about this issue for the next several days.

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people (Eph. 5:3).

My goal for this post is to open the discussion. Do you think Twilight leads to an unholy fantasy life? Why or why not? What other popular books, movies, and TV shows tend to cause you to fixate on romance? What are you doing to guard your heart in this area?

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