Teen Filmmakers Ask If You Are Worth Saving

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One of my favorite parts about my job is the opportunity to introduce you to young women who are doing big things for Jesus. It warms my heart to see readers following God’s call to do something radical. My hope is always that their stories will give you courage to live your own life with eyes wide open to the ministry opportunities around you. Which is why I am thrilled to introduce you to three sisters—Hannah, Christy, and Emily Miller, three young filmmakers who are boldly telling the story of Jesus in an industry that makes doing so especially tough.

My hope is that you will be encouraged by their willingness to use their talents for God’s glory. Be sure to come back for the second half of their interview on Thursday and watch the trailer for their latest film, Worth Saving.

Erin: Tell us how you got started making short films.
Miller Girls: Christy was always interested in filmmaking, which resulted in a camcorder and lots of impromptu attempts. Four years ago we found another aspiring filmmaker in our area who was making a film. Production was just a few short weeks away, so Christy hurriedly sent the director an email to see if we could get involved. We waited for a couple days before Hannah got antsy and decided to send in her one-credit resume for consideration for the lead role. Long story short, after a few screen tests, Hannah landed the lead role, and Christy was welcomed on board as key grip! That film (Precious Treasure) led to other cast opportunities for Hannah and gave Christy priceless experience that she used later in directing our inception productions.

Erin: What films have you made so far?
Miller Girls: We started with a thirteen-minute film based on the parable of the talents. The success of that film encouraged us to keep working, and we made two four-minute short films (Decrescendo and Mirage) before embarking on Worth Saving.

Erin: What has been the response?Emily Miller
Miller Girls: With our first film (Small Talents) we just wanted to get some experience. After we made it, we were shocked when people really liked it. We entered it in several film festivals and won the best young filmmaker award at the largest independent Christian film festival in the world. I think that more than anything proved to us that we could actually make a decent film. However, success also made us feel the pressure of "bigger and better." Our next two short films were all made in less than two days for timed filmmaking competitions.

Erin: Where do your resources come from?
Miller Girls: With a lot of our films we have tried to use what we have readily available. Our crews have varied dramatically from project to project. For Small Talents, we had a crew of five people; Worth Saving had a crew of almost twenty. When we made Decrescendo, it was just Hannah and Christy. Hannah acted in the film, Christy did everything behind the camera, and both of us worked on editing it.

When we made Worth Saving, we trusted that God would provide the location and resources that we needed to get it made. At times it was really tough, and we didn’t know if it was going to work out, but at the last minute everything we needed fell into place perfectly! Hannah as director had very high expectations, but (as rarely happens in this industry) they were completely blown away! It was so evident through the whole production that God had His hand on the project.

Hannah VictoriaErin: What advice would you give to our readers who want to break into the film industry?
Miller Girls: The film industry is very tough. It takes a lot of time and dedication. You have to be prepared for closed doors; more often than not you get more no’s than yes’s. There have been times when we wondered what we were really getting ourselves into, but as long as you are ready to trust God’s timing as well as His plan, He will work everything out! We would strongly recommend that you know without a shadow of a doubt before you begin that making films is where God wants you to be.

Check out Worth Saving on Amazon here, and hop back on the blog Thursday to see the trailer.

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