Summer Book Club: Why Your Monday Morning Motivation Doesn’t Last

This week, in our summer book club we dug into session 4 on discipline. Whether you are working through the study with us or not, I’m sure you’ve noticed that living a life of self-control (aka discipline) is tough! I mean, chocolate chip cookies holler your name when you’re trying to eat healthy, too, right?

That’s why we need to know the secret of a disciplined life. What is it? Check out the video below to find out.

Here’s a recap. Self-control matters because . . .

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls (Prov. 25:28).

When we lack self-control and live undisciplined lives, we are vulnerable to attack, just like a city without walls. But have you noticed how hard it is to live a life of self-control? Me, too! When we try to have self-control on our own, it can feel like pumping an imaginary brake. We are trying to stop bad habits, but we remain out of control. That’s because we are missing something huge.

Galatians 5:22–23 lists self-control among the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is a gift God gives us, not something we can drum up for ourselves.

Second Timothy 3:2–5 shows us how we sometimes miss this mark: “For people will be . . . without self-control . . . having the appearance of godliness, but denying it’s power.”

Are you living in a way that denies that God has the power to teach you how to be self-controlled in all areas? In our study this week, Mary and Nancy said it this way:

Every true child of God has at his disposal all the power he or she needs to please God. Denying the power of God is the opposite of having faith in the power of God. When it comes to self-control, you can either DENY or RELY. You can deny that you have enough power, or you can rely on His power that is always enough (True Woman 201, 99).

How do you know if you are a DENYer or a RELYer?

  • A DENYer ignores/forgets about the Spirit. A RELYer is attuned to the Spirit.
  • A DENYer experiences limited power. A RELYer’s power supply is unlimited.
  • A DENYer indulges the flesh. A RELYer denies the flesh.
  • A DENYer suspects she will never change. A RELYer has faith that she can.
  • A DENYer gives up trying. A RELYer perseveres.
  • A DENYer depends on self to change. A RELYer depends on God to change.

So what about you?

  • In what areas of your life do you see the need for greater discipline and self-control?
  • Are you relying on the Holy Spirit to help you change or denying God’s power to change you in this area?

Leave me a comment with your answers. I will choose one of you to win a copy of our Summer Book Club study, True Woman 201: Interior Design.

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PS: We won’t have a book club post next week due to a great series on love and romance from Paula. (You won’t want to miss a single post!) But be sure to hop back on the blog Tuesday, July 21st and join the discussion on True Woman: 201 Week 5. We’ll be talking about virtue. (I promise, this is not your grandma’s discussion on purity!)

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