Submit Like Jesus in 3 Steps

Yesterday, we tackled the topic that often leaves women either irate or speechless: Submission. Here’s how we define it.

Submission: The act of loving and trusting God so much that we willingly choose to follow Him and the authorities He places above us because we know that He is worth it.

Now, you might be sitting there thinking . . . Okay, I get that this submission thing is important, but how do I do it? Grab your Bible and take a look at Matthew 26:39. In this passage we see Jesus give a beautiful picture of submission.

Going a little farther, He fell facedown and prayed, “My Father! If it is possible, let this cup pass from Me. Yet not as I will, but as You will.”

Jesus knew that He was about to be arrested, beaten, and crucified to pay the penalty for our sin. It is in this moment in the garden that Jesus shows us three vital steps we need to take to submit to God.

Step 1: Jesus submitted by going to God in prayer.

Jesus was dealing with a difficult situation, and so the first thing He did was take time to pull away and pray. So often when I am faced with a decision, I am tempted to run to one of my friends and spend the evening weighing the pros and cons of what I should do. Don’t get me wrong, having godly women in your life that you can seek wisdom from is a great thing, but only after you have spent time talking to God about it.

Step 2: Jesus submitted by being honest with God about His desires.

One of the things that I am often in awe of when it comes to God is that we can be completely honest with him. We don’t have to put on a mask and pretend like we have it all together. He sees us for who we are and loves us anyway. In this passage Jesus boldly asks God to “let the cup pass” which basically means, “If there is any other way to do this than the torture of the cross, can we do that instead?” Jesus knew that He could be honest with God about His desires. However, when doing this it is important to not forget the last step.

Step 3: Jesus submitted to what God decided was best.

After voicing what He wanted, He ended the prayer by saying, “Yet not as I will, but as You will.” Wow. Jesus prayed and was honest with God about what He wanted, but ultimately He submitted to what God wanted. Why? Because He trusted God’s plan (and we can too!).

Here’s what that might look like in our lives.

Submitting to God with Your Appearance

What the world says: Your worth is found in how you look.

What God says: You are a masterpiece that I designed purposefully (Eph. 2:10, Ps. 139).

Steps to submit:

  1. Go to God and pray about the way that you look.
  2. Be honest with God with what you want and how you feel.
  3. Ultimately submit by choosing to trust how He decided to make you.

Submitting to God with Your Future

What the world says: You should always be thinking and anxious about your future. If you don’t make it happen, no one will.

What God says: Trust me with your future, I have a plan to give you an abundant life (Jeremiah 29:11, John 10:10).

Steps to submit:

  1. Go to God and pray about your future.
  2. Be honest with God with what you want and any anxieties you feel.
  3. Ultimately submit by choosing to trust the plan He has created for you.

Submitting to God with Your Circumstances

What the world says: Life is hard and there is nothing you can do about the circumstances that you live in.

What God says: Even in the hardest of situations, I will never leave you, and I will work it together for your good (Rom. 8:28, Deut. 31:6).

Steps to submit:

  1. Go to God and pray about your circumstances.
  2. Be honest with God with what you want and how you feel.
  3. Ultimately submit by choosing to trust that He will work in the midst of your circumstances.

We face some tough stuff! These three examples don’t even make a dent in the amount of choices we face on a daily basis. But can I promise you something? When we truly submit these areas of our lives to God (even when it doesn’t feel good at the time), He battles the lies that Satan throws at us to try and cripple us. There is nothing our enemy wants more then to destroy you and distract you from sharing the gospel with others. Don’t let him. Submit to God with every aspect of your life.

In what area of your life do you struggle to submit to God? Tell me about it below.

PS:  Come back tomorrow as we look at submitting to the authorities that God places in our lives.

About Author

Kelly has been involved in full-time student and children’s ministry for many years. Kelly is passionate about seeing young women embrace who God created them to be even in the midst of a culture that tries to steal their attention with lies. She and her husband, Chris, have two children who fill their lives with joy while constantly keeping them on their toes.

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