Redefining the Blogosphere

blogAccording to the dictionary, a blog is “a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.” Boring! Here at, we’re not crazy about that definition. That’s because we see this blog as so much more. It’s:

  • A place to learn how to apply God’s truth to the way you live your life.
  • A filter through which you can understand the trends and messages of culture.
  • A place of hope for those who need healing, answers, or someone to talk to.
  • A site to meet other Christian girls who are living for Jesus and want to encourage you to do the same.
  • A place to ask questions and get answers grounded in God’s Word.
  • A beacon of truth online.
  • A tool to help you identify lies you’re believing and replace them with God’s truth.

Now that’s anything but boring! We’re passionate about our blog because we see it more like a mission field. It excites us to see God use this website as a tool to draw young women toward Him. And we’re not the only ones who have noticed that He’s at work. Check out these cool comments from our readers around the globe.

“I’d really like to thank you for your great ministry. You have been one of the people God has used in my life, and I’m grateful to [Dannah, Nancy, and Erin]. I cried the first time I found your website, because I realized that there were women out there who really did care about what we’re going through. Thanks again.” Claire

 “Blessings to you all from the Netherlands! I read this blog every day, and I love it! Two years ago I read Lies Women Believe through a friend of mine in Denver. After reading this book, I started a project True You in the Netherlands! And God is blessing it amazingly.” Nadine

“Really good post! This is my second time on the site. I LOVE IT!!! Me and my friends are doing the book LYWB for a Bible study. I am SOOOO excited because so far we have only done the first three chapters, but I can see a change in the way I take on lies SO much!! Thanks for all that you women do; you are helping me to grow closer to God every day!”Cassie

“What you guys are posting seems to be so relevant in my life. Please, don’t stop!” —Lucy

God’s truth is bearing fruit in the lives of the thousands of young women who read this blog. That tickles us pink!

But our ministry is experiencing a season of great financial need. We need your help to keep the blog running and continue impacting young women like Claire, Liz, Judith, Cassie, and Lucy.

Will you talk to God about our needs? Will you join us in asking Him to provide the resources needed to keep this blog alive and well? And will you consider donating to our ministry? Every little bit helps. You can learn more about how to give here.

You’re the reason we’re so passionate about this site. We think you’re amazing! We really want you to know God’s truth and have the tools to live a vibrant life of faith. Will you help us continue to impact the blogosphere?

About Author


Erin Davis is an author, blogger, and speaker who loves to see women of all ages run to the deep well of God’s Word. She is the author of many books and Bible studies including: 7 Feasts, Connected, Beautiful Encounters, and the My Name Is Erin series. She serves on the ministry team of Revive Our Hearts. When she’s not writing, you can find Erin chasing chickens and children on her small farm in the Midwest.

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