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Lina loves Jesus and writing, and books and dreaming. She's an ER doctor who leads women at Harvest Bible Chapel.

Ashley loves God, her fabulous husband, Jonathan, and the young women God has brought into her life to minister to! She also loves homemaking and is learning what it means to wait on God for everything.

Tracy is the fourth of ten children. She loves to write, garden, scrapbook, and sew. She knows how to pennywhistle and can whip up an awesome batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Mandi Blankenship is a high school senior. She loves photography and playing music in worship. Her goal is to encourage others to realize that being used by God is the most rewarding thing.

I am a redeemed sports addict. God rescued me and has put me on a journey that I will never look back. I have purpose in living and a strong passion to see youth focus on Christ. God says He has come to give us life and to give it abundantly and this is the life I desire to live and I desire to tell others about. I have a beautiful wife and four wonderful kids. I am a blessed man with a passion for my God

My name is Rachel Chick, I’m from the great state of Pennsylvania! The Lord has stolen my heart and my greatest desire is for His will to be done and for Him to use me in ALL the ways He can. I enjoy grape popsicles, astronomy, McDonald’s caramel frappes, and getting my paycheck from Panera Bread!

Jennifer Case Cortez is a literary-agent-turned-stay-at-home-mom. She loves connecting young women with God's Word, and her writing has been featured in the Mom's Bible, the Devotional Bible for Dads, and the Life Promises Bible. Jennifer loves playing her guitar, eating Nashville hot chicken, and hanging out with her husband Daniel and their four children: Sam, Joshua, Jacob, and Evelyn Grace.

At twenty-eight years old, there's no wedding band on Tiffany Dawn's finger. She's an author, speaker, songwriter, adventurer, and for the record, she loves being single. Tiffany has her master's degree in music therapy, and a not-so-secret love affair with raspberry chai, long walks, and everything CIA. She resides in upstate New York when she's not traveling. Check out Tiffany's new book, Boycrazy: How I Ended Up Single and (Mostly) Sane.

Lindsee says, "I am a twenty-five-year-old single who serves on staff as a Girls’ Ministry Director at my church in Houston, TX. I love blogging and Jesus!"

Stephanie Edwards is a senior in high school from Michigan, where she lives with her parents and sister, Christie (and who could forget the adorable pet Yorkie, Scooter). She enjoys piano, volleyball, funny movies, and board games. You can check out her blog, Steph’s World, at

As an accomplished communicator, writer, and nationally ranked public speaker, this homeschool graduate likes to talk. Currently, she works part-time as a speech and drama instructor. In her "spare" time, Hannah enjoys singing old musical numbers, swing dancing, spending time with friends and family, and attempting to brew the perfect cup of chai. She lives outside Dallas, Texas with her parents, brother and two sisters.

Heidi Jo Fulk is a wife and mom of four young kids. Her favorite things are cooking with her kids (her husband’s favorite is eating) and teaching girls and women about the Bible.

Originally from the land of ice, snow, and cheese, this Wisconsin-native works for Dannah Gresh’s ministry, Pure Freedom. You might find this self-proclaimed "Jac"-of-all-trades teaching at a Secret Keeper Girl Live! event, furiously tackling stacks of data entry, surreptitiously planting flamingos in people’s yards, or using big words like surreptitiously. (She was homeschooled her entire life so she pretty much can’t help that last part.) Jacqueline is a recent college grad, but considers herself a ceaseless student of God’s own heart. She’s a hopeless romantic, former competitive debater, lover of coffee shops, and avid reader of Nancy Drew mysteries.

Writing for His glory is what excites April Garretson. She is currently enrolled in the Liberty University Home Bible Institute and a graduate of Carol Kent’s Speak Up with Confidence Seminar. Wednesdays find her at church with middle and high school girls chatting about biblical characters and real life situations. Her husband and son would encourage you to read more about how she loves to go barefoot at Barefoot Offering.

Jenifer Jernigan has a past that would spill over into her present if it weren’t for the healing power of God’s Word. As founder of Diving Deeper Ministries, her passion is to equip women to d.i.v.e. (define. investigate. visualize. embrace.) deeper into God’s Word, teaching them to study Scripture for themselves instead of living off the regurgitated messages of someone else. She is co-owner and regular writer for Internet Café Devotions, ministering online to women all over the world, and is part of a team of writers creating curriculum for Journey Church in Raleigh, NC. Jenifer loves hanging out with her man, homeschooling their three kiddos, and guzzling delicious cups of her favorite coffee. She is the author of the book Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion, part of the InScribed Collection releasing with Thomas Nelson in Spring 2014.

Brittany Ketter is a college freshman with a Bible/Theology major. Her goals for the future include publishing her book for teen girls and working with women and teens. Aside from writing, her interests include worship dance, music, drama, horses, summer, and spending time with her family and friends.

Sisters and songwriters Elissa and Becca Leander, also known as The Sonflowerz, are award-winning artists who got their start in music during their teen years. With six albums under their belt, this duo is driven by a passion to impact young women and unite families for Christ. Elissa and Becca reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with the husbands the girls married during a double wedding in 2010! They have toured with LifeWay's "You & Your Girl" conference that reached over 18,000 moms and daughters, and today they travel frequently, leading worship and speaking at churches and special events across the country.

Debra says: "I’m 15 and live in Tampa, Florida, with my parents and four siblings. I’m homeschooled and love it because I can work in between school! I also enjoy skating and airsoft during my free time."

Liz Lockwood graduated from Southern Seminary in 2005 with an M.Div. and Th.M. in theology. She recently joined the staff at Revive Our Hearts, where she serves in the area of communication and social media. When not behind her desk, you’ll find Liz spending time with friends and enjoying the outdoors.

Leslie Ludy is a bestselling author and speaker with a passion for helping women become set-apart for Christ. She and her husband Eric have published nineteen books with well over a million copies in print and translations in over a dozen languages, including When God Writes Your Love Story, Authentic Beauty, Set Apart Femininity, and her newest book, Set Apart Motherhood. Eric and Leslie live in Windsor, Colorado with their four precious kiddos.

Nicole Manges is entering her senior year at Greenville Senior High School in Greenville, Ohio. After high school, she looks forward to lots of reading and writing in college, continuing her violin playing, and working long hours to pay off her student loans.

Paula Marsteller no longer tries to catch guys' attention by swallowing live goldfish, arm wrestling, and jumping down flights of stairs. (She's married to a wonderful man now!) She spends her days caring for her two young sons and seeking to practice "radically ordinary hospitality." She's the author of Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom, and she and her family live in Central New York. You can catch her writing on

Deanna is a part Canadian, part American staff kid at Life Action Ministries. She is an ordinary high school girl whose life has been radically changed by our awesome God. She loves being with her family members in Christ. She likes to pretend she's a speed skater, a crazy good musician, and a ballerina. Some say she was born in the wrong century. Though she has an appreciation for just about anything vintage, she believes God has placed her in this place in time as a part of His sovereign plan. By the grace of God, each day is a journey of reflecting Christ as she fixes her eyes on Him—the author and perfecter of our faith.

Sarah Martin loves doing life and ministry with young adult women. When she is not typing away on her laptop, she loves getting her hands messy with craft paint. She is the author of Stress Point: Thriving Through Your Twenties In A Decade Of Drama. Connect with Sarah on her blog LIVE IT OUT!

Katie McCoy is studying theology at Southwestern Seminary, where she works as the editor for She loves watching BBC miniseries with her mom, thinks chocolate is a staple food group, and has been a harpist for over twenty years.

Ginny Melby is a senior at Wheaton College in Illinois studying elementary education. Combining her loves for travel and the Lord, Ginny hopes to move overseas to be a missionary teacher after college.

Jessie Minassian is a speaker, blogger, and the author of ten books and Bible studies, including Crushed, Unashamed, and Backwards Beauty. She is the "resident big sis" at, a Q&A website for teen girls. Her work for teens and their parents has been featured internationally through outlets such as Focus on the Family, Parenting Today’s Teens, She Reads Truth, Axis, Revive Our Hearts and YouthWorker Journal. She and her husband live and serve at Hume Lake Christian Camps in California, and have two daughters.

About Lindsey: Lindsey Narmour is a college freshman pursuing investigative journalism, teaching, and ministry. She lives with her family in rural Virginia. Lindsey enjoys writing, reading, drinking black coffee, and playing with her sisters. Visit her blog at

Brad Neese is an evolving leader captivated by the child-like simplicity and the deep-ocean complexity of the Gospel. He is a graduate of Cedarville University & Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently a Student Ministry Pastor in southwest Michigan. One loving, godly, and nurturing woman graciously agreed to covenant with him in marriage over a decade ago, and out of all the 6.8 billion people in the world, only four get to call him ‘Dad.’ But above all this, Brad follows Jesus. No one else.

Trillia spends most of her days cleaning up spills from her daughter’s love of dumping drinks and convincing her son that it is fine for him to pretend to be Superman, but jumping off of the kitchen table isn’t the best idea. She daydreams about World Class Chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins almost daily. When she isn’t doing those things, you can find her writing. She contributes to her local paper as well as several magazines and websites around the country. When she isn’t writing, she is teaching group fitness classes at her local gym. Most of all, she loves Jesus Christ and sharing His love with others. Trillia lives in Knoxville with her best friend and husband, Thern, and their two kids. Oh, and her last name is Newbell.

Sharon Parks is a senior writing major at Pensacola Christian College. Blessed to be a part of a large family, she enjoys family time, long runs, good poetry, and traveling.

Heather Patenaude is passionate to see Christ shine through all she does! As a wife, mom, daughter, friend, mentor, and author, she aims to remain God-focused, Christ-centered, and Holy Spirit-filled. She wrote Emotional Purity: An Affair of the Heart about fifteen years ago, but the timeless truths are still relevant for a younger generation of women today.

Becky Riggenbach keeps busy being a wife, volunteering at an elementary school, leading an after-school children’s Bible club, and discipling tween girls at her home in Niles, MI. Read more about Becky’s life at

Tim has been writing since 2005, mainly on his blog,, as well as in a number of magazines across the country.

Kimberly Wagner is married to LeRoy Wagner, the pastor of Dayspring Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They have two children, Rachel and Caleb. Kim has a BA in Biblical Studies, serves as a pastor's wife, has authored Fierce Women, is a women's Bible study teacher and conference speaker, and is a frequent panel guest on Revive Our Hearts.

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