New Management, Same Mission

Dear Reader,

In our last post, Erin Davis—our beloved blog manager for the last ten years—made a big announcement about a big change here at She is transitioning into a new role at Revive Our Hearts (our big sis ministry!) and is passing along the blog manager baton to me!

I hope you’ll read Erin’s post if you haven’t already; you’ll catch a glimpse into her heart during this bittersweet transition. readers, Erin loves you fiercely. Genuinely.

And truth be told, this new blog manager title has me ridiculously humbled, not only because Erin leaves big shoes to fill, but also because pointing young readers to the Truth is a weighty responsibility. That’s where God’s grace blows me away. It’s only by Him that any of this can happen. I trip and fumble all the time, but He picks me up, showers me with His mercy, and keeps me moving forward.

I can’t wait to get to know you better (and for you go get to know me). So as we launch into this “getting acquainted” phase, here are a few things I’d love for you to hear.

Thank You, Erin!

Ten years of faithfully writing, editing, praying, studying, rewriting, and cheering for the writing team is no small thing. Erin has served this blog brilliantly, with a heartbeat for the gospel and a steadfast stance in God’s Truth—the things that matter most above all.

Her years spent managing this blog are a gift to us, and the archives are filled to the brim with posts that testify of her faithfulness!

Thank you, Erin, for your influence and encouragement in my own life and development as a writer, ever since the day I sent you a random blog post about cheeseburgers while I was interning with Revive Our Hearts. You’ve never stopped waving your pom-poms for me and the rest of this team; your “you can do this!” cheers have pushed me, challenged me, and made me cry grateful tears at the times I’ve needed it most.

You’re a big sister in ministry to this blog team and to say that we’re thankful for you just feels like an understatement. But we really, truly are. I know this team—with writers scattered across the United States—wishes we could all come together to give you a giant hug and to express our gratitude in person.

Are Changes Coming? (Spoiler Alert: Nope!) might be “under new management,” but we’re going to keep beating the very same drum we’ve been beating ever since the beginning: exposing the enemy’s lies and replacing them with God’s Truth!

Our mission isn’t changing, and you’re going to keep hearing from the same team of writers. Our commitment to you is unwavering. We desperately want to see you choose Truth and live Jesus-exalting lives.

Keep Chasing Down the Truth That Sets You Free

When I began my internship with Revive Our Hearts back in the summer of 2014 (before I joined the staff), God lit a fire in my heart for this blog and its readers. I remember sheepishly asking my supervisor if I could maybe submit a post to Erin, because ever since I was fifteen, I had this growing passion for writing about Jesus and how He changes our lives. And there was just something about this blog. God was knitting my heart to it.

Let’s fast forward four years, and my heart still beats for the Lies Young Women Believe blog. It’s an honor to serve and write to young women, together digging into God’s Word to explore how the gospel radically impacts our daily lives.

Jesus changes everything. And that’s the vision I have for us, readers. Jesus makes it possible to identify the enemy’s lies—they’re everywhere—and to fill those voids with His satisfying, chain-breaking, sin-destroying, soul-calming Truth.

That’s where we’re headed with this blog. Straight toward the Truth. Because you and I desperately need it. Not only for salvation, but for our everyday lives, in the step-by-step mundane, in the heart-crushing pain, in the ever-knocking temptations, in the stomach-twisting longings, in the happiest of delights—in all things, Truth reorients hearts to God. He is what we need, always.

I’d Love to Hear from You!

I can’t say this enough: We adore hearing from you in that comments section. So in honor of this transition, I have a few questions for you:

  • Has this blog impacted your life? If so, tell me how!
  • What topics would you like to see us tackling on the blog? We love your specific ideas, so fire away!
  • Would you send some love and gratitude Erin’s way? How has her ministry and writing impacted your life? Let’s bless her socks off with kind words!

I can’t wait to see how God keeps using this blog to build His kingdom.



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