Liza’s Podcast Picks!

I’m a painter, and since I spend hours every day sitting or standing at an easel with a paintbrush in hand, I have a lot of listening time. Music, audiobooks, interviews, podcasts—I love that with a few quick taps, I can learn something new while getting something done!

Through all my hours of listening, I’ve found some podcasts and audiobooks that are pretty amazing. I’m sharing them with you, along with some reasons why it might be worth your while to give them a listen!

Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey

This podcast is one of my new faves! Allie talks about current topics through a biblical perspective, lining everything up with the gospel and revealing lies and deception all around us. Her interviews with Eric Metaxas (author of Bonhoeffer) and Matt Walsh had me sitting idly with rapt attention.

Your Move with Andy Stanley

I’ve been listening to this podcast for years, and every time it’s like a lightbulb goes on in my brain. Andy talks about relationships, money, dating, and everything in-between. His series called “Love, Sex, and Dating” is totally mindset-altering. It can help you shift your perspective to a biblical view of relationships and marriage (and life in general).

Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis

This isn’t a podcast, but I had to add it here! I found the audiobook on YouTube (which has so many C.S. Lewis audiobooks!) and was blown away by this true story of Lewis’s young life, his avid atheism, and his life transformation by the truth of the gospel. He’s relatable, entertaining, and sometimes so deep you feel like you need your scuba gear.

Life.Church with Craig Groeschel

Whether you’re sick at home on a Sunday morning or just need a little spiritual pick-me-up, Life.Church always brings truth to the table and practical ways to apply it. I love that Craig ends every. Single. Sermon. with the gospel, and points everything and everyone back to Jesus.

The Porch

A young adults service at Watermark Church in Dallas, Texas, The Porch’s aim is to encourage young people (like us!) to go against the normal flow and live changed lives because of the One who died for us. The Porch focuses a lot on dating and relationships, but even if you’re single, there’s so much to learn about how to interact in a Christ-honoring way with other young adults.

Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

This one goes without saying! Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s wisdom that is rooted and grounded in the Word of God is something that we don’t find everyday. The fact that we can glean her wisdom through a few taps on our phone is such an incredible blessing!

There you have it! These have been some of my favorites to listen to, and I’d love to hear what some of your favorite audiobooks or podcasts are! Feel free to share in the comments!

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