Let Not This Sin Become Trivial

Our readers love to talk about God’s truth. Several months ago, we offered the chance for LYWB.com readers to submit posts for our blog. The response was overwhelming. You’ll be able to catch the writing of these one-time guest bloggers in the coming months. These are readers just like you who are striving to live out God’s truth. Since these are guest bloggers, their style or approach may be a little different than you’re used to, but we’ve read every word and we think they’ve got something important to say. In fact, check this great post by Debra Lentz.

I walk through the doors and see the advertisement for the newest movie. I can’t believe my eyes as I quickly move on. Walking past the arts and crafts I can let my guard down a little,woman covering her eyes but as I turn the corner I see the posters of the “hottest” actresses to hang in your room. Heading through electronics, I try to focus my eyes on something other than the revealing pictures from the DVD, CD, and video game covers. As I continue my shopping, I find that from fashion to food, society has proven that Hollywood can sell merchandise better than a Honey Nut Cheerios’ bee. Standing in line at the register, the latest gossip papers display headlines and images that keep me looking at the cart. Meanwhile music with bad words and horrible meanings plays in the background. Where am I shopping that I notice all this? Wal-Mart.

In today’s culture we are being pressed from all sides to agree that impurity (specifically sexual sin) is okay. Some people would go as far as to say that it is good. However, the Bible clearly states that we are to steer clear of impurity (Rom. 13:13–14, 1 Thess. 4:2–3). Living in a culture where sexual impurity is accepted as normal makes it harder for Christians to keep away from it and teach others it is wrong. Our conscience becomes less sensitive, making us more vulnerable to Satan’s and the world’s lies.

Everywhere—at the movies, in parks, schools, stores, even billboards—this world is trying to get everyone to believe that sexual sin is okay, that impurity is trivial, an everyday thing. But while a simple trip to Wal-Mart proves that impurity is the world’s norm, the Bible says otherwise. For example, Ahab’s sins seemed trivial to him (1 Kings 16:31), but he was punished by God sending famine to Israel (1 Kings 17:1).

The world doesn’t know any better, but we do (Rom. 12:2). We also have help! The Bible gives us great direction on how to stay pure. “How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to your word” (Ps. 119:9). So how can a teenager keep her way pure? By keeping it according to God’s Word!

Pray to see truth (James 1:5). Memorize verses to contradict this sin (Ps.119:11). Tell others about Jesus, and stand up for what you believe (Mark 16:15). Mourn for the world’s sin (Matt. 5:4). Remember that those without Jesus don’t know any better, and unless we tell them they won’t understand and their lives will continue to get worse.

There is NO hope in sin—it may seem fun but its consequences outweigh any pleasure (Rom. 3:23). It’s our responsibility to speak out against sexual impurity. Always remember that it is God’s grace and strength through His Word that gives us the power to be victorious over impurity. What are some ways that you have helped someone or yourself fight this sin?

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Debra says: "I’m 15 and live in Tampa, Florida, with my parents and four siblings. I’m homeschooled and love it because I can work in between school! I also enjoy skating and airsoft during my free time."

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