Learning to discern—how does it impact the way that we act?

Here’s another segment from Nancy’s series on A New Earth. Pay close attention to how Dr. Whitney encourages us to respond when we discern an imposter of Truth.

Nancy: Dr. Whitney, how do we respond? Those of us who do know and love the truth, what’s an appropriate way for us to be responding in an era where there are false teachers, there is false teachings. Do we just hole up in our fortresses and hope it will go away? Biblically help us think through how we respond.

Dr. Whitney: Well, for starters, we don’t panic. We don’t feel as though, “Oh, my, because Oprah has all these worldwide outlets and all this influence that we’re sunk here.” As Dr. Lutzer has already pointed out, this is nothing new. We go through these same sorts of deception all the time, so we don’t panic.

Second, we realize that part of our responsibility, though, as ministers, as leaders in our churches, as Christian witnesses, there is a time to speak against something. When it’s out there, it needs to be spoken against.

Third, take it as a great opportunity for the gospel. Spurgeon, that great British Baptist preacher of the 1800s, one time said, “If I were going to take a farm, I’d rather take a farm that grew something, that grew weeds, than grew nothing at all.” Then he said, “I’d rather speak with someone who believes something, and who talks about spiritual things to some degree, even if they’re wrong, than someone who never thinks about anything.”

So, this is a great open door for the gospel, where we can talk about spiritual things, and where the name of Jesus is part of the conversation. So it’s a great open door for the gospel that we can take advantage of.

The fourth thing I would say is make sure we are clear on the gospel, and use this as an opportunity, not to be condescending to people, not to bash other people, but as an opportunity to share the gospel with people. It will take no more grace for God to open the eyes of an Eckhart Tolle, or anyone else in this world, than it took for Don Whitney, and it will be the same message.

It will be the gospel that God will use to open the eyes of people. No one’s eyes will be harder to open than Saul of Tarsus, who became the apostle Paul. So it’s a great moment for the gospel.

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As truth speakers for your generation, are there books, movies, and television shows that you should be speaking out against?

How can you use books like Twilight and A New Earth to share the gospel with your friends?

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