How to Launch an Instagram Book Study

We’re hopin’ and a prayin’ that you will make the most of your summer break by doing big stuff for the kingdom. You’ll see lots of ideas to get you started on the blog in the days to come. If you’re on Instagram (or other social media forums), here’s an idea to try—launch an Instagram Book Study. Specifically, we’d love to see you lead others through Lies Young Women Believe.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


If lives are changed as a result of this study, it will be because of the power of God’s truth through the promptings of the Holy Spirit. In other words, God will do it! Before you take action, you stop and pray. Ask for God’s guidance every step of the way. Specifically pray for wisdom as you lead others through the material found in the book.

Ask others to pray with you. There are likely many women in your church or youth group who would be able to help in this way. Bonus: If they’re praying for your book club, they’re already invested and may participate.

Pick Up the Book and Companion Guide

Lies Young Women Believe helps readers identify lies and replace them with God’s truth. Twenty-five specific lies are tackled, including:

  • God Should Fix My Problems
  • I Need a Boyfriend
  • Beautiful Girls Are Worth More
  • I Can’t Overcome My Sin

You may already have the book, but did you know there’s a Companion Guide that turns the book into a nine-week Bible study? If you start soon, that should take you right through summer break. You can snag the book and the companion guide here.

Pick Your Pace

One of the secrets to leading successful studies (both online and in your living room) is consistency. Take this commitment seriously. Decide how often you’ll post, and stick with it. Here are some ideas to use as a jumping-off point:

  • Use the Companion Guide, and post once a week for nine weeks.
  • Use the Companion Guide and stretch the study out, posting every other week for eighteen weeks.
  • Use the book only, and post once a week for fifteen weeks (there are fifteen chapters in the book).
  • Use the book only, and post twice a week for eight weeks.

What to Post?

When it come to what images to post, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas:

  • Take creative shots of your book and Bible each week.
  • Post shots of different girls in your life with their book and Bible.
  • Take shots of summer (pool, popsicles, hammocks), and use them as the images for your summer study.
  • Use a site like to create social media images of some of your favorite quotes from the book.

Then fill in the caption with what you’re learning from the book/study, any quotes that stood out to you, lies you’ve believed, and ways God’s truth has set you free each week.

Your goal is to generate discussion. Here on we do that by ending each post with some open-ended questions and an invitation to comment. You can totally steal our format. We don’t mind a bit!

Eyes on the Prize

Your goal isn’t to go viral or to stroke your own ego with likes and heart eyes. Your goal is to point others toward God’s truth using Lies Young Women Believe and social media as a tool. If you post and get a huge response, great! If you post and don’t, that’s great, too. Keep your eyes on the prize of pointing others toward God’s truth, not yourself.

Who’s with Me?

So whadya say? Are you game to launch a Lies Young Women Believe Insta book study this summer? If so, log on to the giveaway widget below, then leave us a comment. I’ll choose five of you to win the Lies Young Women Believe book and Companion Guide to help you get started.

We’re rooting for you!

PS: We’d love to follow your studies on Instagram. Use the hashtag #studyLYWBwithme so we can see what you’re up to.

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