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lwagstaffeMonday I introduced you to new blogger, Hannah Farver. Now meet fellow founder of Beauty From the Heart (and new blogger) lwagstaffe. We’re thrilled to have her on-board the team!

Erin: Welcome to We are so excited to have you on-board! Why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers. Tell us a little about what makes you, you.

Lindsey: Hey girls! I’m Lindsey—eighteen, a Californian who wears jackets (inside the house) in practically any temperature under 80 degrees, and the oldest of three girls. Hannah says I’m “accident prone,” but I prefer to think of myself as “adventure prone.” Simple things bring me bliss. Good conversations. Sneaking large bites of cookie dough. Christ-exalting theology. Feeling the wind run through my hair and sting my face. Books—even the way they smell sends thrills through me. Exploring unmarked trails and making new ones. Baking with friends. Sparkly clean rooms. Singing and pretending to tap-dance in the rain. Writing. Meeting people. Marveling at clouds when I should definitely be looking at exit signs. (My most impressive area of expertise is in getting lost, making U-turns, and getting still more lost after I turn around.) Chillin’ with my zany sisters, and long dinners with family. Candles—even though I lost a small tuft of hair last year from staring a bit too closely at their beautiful lights. Speaking. Music and more music. Babysitting. Romping in fresh snow. And that’s just for starters, but I’ll end the randomness here.

I’m very, very excited to be on-board, and I can’t wait to start hearing from you all! If you leave a comment, I’d love to hear something introductory about you as well!

Erin: Tell us about your ministry, Beauty from the Heart. How did it start? What is the primary mission of your ministry, and how do you live this mission out?

Lindsey: Originally, BftH was a blog about living to honor Christ as young women. It grew from there into conferences with the same theme.

Our mission is to reveal the greatness of Jesus and to show how the gospel transforms the everyday trials and temptations of life. By proclaiming the gospel of grace and applying the gospel of grace, we’re aiming to show how Jesus is more precious, beautiful, and worthy to be cherished than anything else.

Erin: The focus of the Lies Young Women Believe Blog is to identify lies in the lives of young women and counteract those lies with God’s truth. In what specific areas do you see young women being lied to most often? In what areas are you most passionate about presenting God’s truth?

Lindsey: The most common lies believed by young women? That’s a tough one. I run into them on every subject imaginable, but especially frequent are the lies on God’s character (not holy or just), sin (not serious unless it’s “big”), the Bible (not completely reliable), truth (not absolute), and heaven (open for any sincere person who meets a loose standard of “good” and probably boring).

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who are convinced of the same devastating statement that Anne Frank wrote in her diary: I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart. Because of that lie, countless girls are sure that they’re going to heaven by default. They see themselves as fundamentally good people who make mistakes, not as they really are—sinners in desperate need of Christ’s redeeming love. That deception makes me weep.

The most important, glorious thing in this world is the gospel, and the gospel is all about Christ. So when people mistakenly call themselves Christians because the “gospel” they heard was distorted and they were sold another Jesus who doesn’t really care about sin, that breaks my heart and ignites a fire in me. My greatest desire is Christ—to know Him, love Him, delight in Him, and love others by helping them to do the same. For me, that really encompasses every area connected with truth. But if you had to boil it down to the essence, my passion is simply to present the true gospel in all its power and life-transforming beauty.

Erin: What specific lies have most impacted your own life? How has God used His truth to give you freedom in these areas?

Lindsey: The lies of legalism and the fear of man are two major ones. Legalism whispers to my pride that I must earn God’s favor, while the fear of man encourages my natural self-obsession by hinting that my worth hinges on the approval of others. Though I’m certainly not through struggling with either one by any means, God has been showing me how freedom from guilt and fear are found in the abundance of His grace poured out on the cross. And oh, grace—”unearned favor” by its very definition—changes everything! Instead of guiltily trying to be “good” to appease His wrath, I start desiring to obey Him for the sheer pleasure of it, because Christ has already secured my unshakable acceptance with God. That standing doesn’t change on the many, many days I fall flat on my face! Because of this lavish love, He’s gradually giving me the freedom to obsess over Him instead of myself and to live in confident peace rather than fear.

Erin: What topics are you most interested in writing about on this blog?

Lindsey: I typically write on whatever God’s convicting me personally about at the time, so that might cover quite a few different areas—but I’m definitely eager to talk about knowing Christ deeply and all the joy that’s found in Him alone!

Erin: Tell us one fun fact about you.

Lindsey: Anything that remotely resembles a spider, bee, or tick—even innocent little flies—will literally stop my heart for a moment. They are also known to cause me to flail my arms, careen backward, and fall on things while screaming wildly. I don’t even do it to get attention; they truly terrify me. As you can imagine, this sometimes makes outdoorsy activities … interesting.

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Erin is passionate about pointing young women toward God's Truth. She is the author of several books and a frequent speaker and blogger to women of all ages. Erin lives on a small farm in the midwest with her husband and kids. When she's not writing, you can find her herding goats, chickens, and children.

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