A Hero in Her Teen Years

From the LYWB Team: We need each other, girls! Titus 2:3–5 shows us the value in listening to the wisdom of the generation of women ahead of us and carrying the banner of truth for the generation behind us. Because we want you to be inspired by the testimonies of women in every stage of life, we’ve interviewed a few of our favorites for a new series we’re calling “Walk with the Wise.” In today’s post, Beecher interviews Liza, a Jesus-loving girl in her teen years.

You may remember my sister Liza from this post. Today I’m talking to Liza about some lessons she’s learned and how she’s walking through her teen years. It’s my hope that you’re encouraged by our talk and challenged to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Here we go!

What’s your advice for finding the gifts and talents God has given to someone?

I’ve found that what you’re interested in is often what you’re really good at. But it’s not always that simple. It can be really discouraging to be a teen girl because your whole life is before you and you’re not sure what you’re interested in or what your gifts are. God has created each of us to be especially gifted in certain areas (1 Cor. 12). But it’s easy to start looking around and see that so-and-so is good at such-and-such and start feeling like you’re not good at anything.

That’s not true, so don’t get caught up in the comparison trap. Also, ask the people around you what God-given gifts they see in you. They may notice that you have a knack for something, but you’re unaware of it! Most importantly, your Creator knows your future and His will is perfect. God has gifted you, so ask Him to show you clearly what those gifts are!

How have you seen the Lord use your gifts to encourage others?

God has been so gracious in allowing me to use the gifts He’s given me, specifically art and music, to bring joy to others. I would say that the best reward for hard work is to see your efforts encourage someone else to discover what God has in store for them. It’s been a blessing to inspire people around me to hone their skills and create new things.

What do you do when you’re in a spiritually dry season?

Recently, I was going through a time when I felt like God was a million miles away, but through that He taught me something: Never give up. It’s so tempting to want to just give up your Bible reading or decide prayer isn’t working, so why do it today? This dry season is when it’s most important to stay in Scripture. It’s easy to drift toward discouragement during seasons that feel spiritually dry, but James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”

This is a guaranteed promise! However, it doesn’t say it will happen immediately, so wait patiently and never give up. You are in His hand, though at times it’s hard to feel Him.

How do you remain “others-focused” in a world that tells us to focus on ourselves?

Being others-focused isn’t about a feeling, but a choice. If I only loved others when I feel like it, I would lead a miserably self-focused life. So I choose to love others. Letting go of all expectations about what others “should be doing for me” is a huge part of being others-focused! A selfless girl is rare in our culture (nearly extinct), so let’s break out of the norm and put others first!

What’s a favorite passage of Scripture that has encouraged you in your teen years?

The Bible is so full of amazing truths, but the verse that has encouraged me is Zephaniah 3:17:

“The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love.”

Isn’t that amazing? Stick that one on your mirror!

Imagine we could sit down to dinner with a handful of young ladies representing the Lies Young Women Believe readers. What’s your charge to them?

We are constantly being bombarded by lies from the culture. The problem is they’re masked beautifully. They’re like chocolate-covered cockroaches, waiting to jump on us and slip into our minds. So are we going to let Satan slip these lies in? NEVER! We are daughters of the one true King. So why do we live as though we are powerless to fight the lies? We have a power in us that’s bigger than any lie the enemy whispers—the power of Jesus.

It’s Your Turn

Hi readers, Beecher here. Thanks for reading this interview with Liza. In response, I have a challenge for you: Get together with a friend (or friends), and ask each other the same questions I asked Liza. Discover your strengths together, encourage each other, and pray that the Lord will use each of you to further His work!

Then be sure to hop back on the blog tomorrow for the next post in our series Walk with the Wise.

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