Freebie Friday! Girls Gone Wise

A couple of summers ago, one of my sweetest friends (since first grade!) asked if I’d like to join a weekly Bible study her grandma was planning to host. I’d love to join, I thought, without having any clue what kind of impact it was about to have on me. That little Bible study was a highlight of my summer.

We munched on “Grandma Minnich’s” cookies while discussing what God was teaching us through Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary Kassian. As college girls, we listened to precious wisdom from a woman who had so much to share with us. It was a sweet Titus 2 kind of thing, where an older woman was teaching younger women—younger women with the desire to become “Girls Gone Wise.”

You may not have a Grandma Minnich to lead you in this Bible study, but I know it can still bless and challenge your socks right off. (Besides, Grandma Minnich is one of a kind!)

In Girls Gone Wise, Mary Kassian breaks down the Proverbs 7 woman and contrasts her with the Proverbs 31 woman. It’s wild vs. wise, and Scripture makes it clear what attributes we should be cultivating. The wise ones!

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, I’m not like the Proverbs 7 woman. I’m way more wise than wild. But as you read each of the twenty chapters in this book, I know your heart will be challenged and convicted. I had plenty of “ouch moments” myself. My book is covered in pink highlighter!

And as I shared with you yesterday, you represent Christ with your whole life, and this is one resource that will prompt you to peer into each area of your heart to ask: “Am I living the life of a woman who honors and loves and pleases God?”

I wish I could send every one of you a copy of this book with a pretty pink highlighter, because I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically believe it’s a message we all need. And because we want to equip you with tools to go deeper with God and to stand for truth, we’re giving away a copy of Girls Gone Wise to one of you!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Take this heart-searching “Girls Gone Wise” quiz. It’s twenty questions, and if you took it yesterday, you’re one step ahead!
  2. Leave a comment about the quiz. You don’t have to share your score, but let us know about an area you hope to work on or something that surprised you.
  3. Log on to the giveaway widget, and check “Yes, I commented!”
  4. And for kicks, do some of the other options to get bonus entries. We love interacting with you!

PS: Mary Kassian will be at True Woman ’16, September 22–24 in Indianapolis! We think you should come.

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