Freebie Friday! Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

If you haven’t yet held a copy of Nancy’s new book, Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel, I’m here to tell you this: It’s a gorgeous book.

The simple and perfectly white cover is stamped with ornate gold foil letters. As women, we gravitate toward beautiful things. So when Adorned finally hit the bookstore shelves, I imagined women picking up this book and telling their friends, “You need this book. It’s so pretty!”

In a similar (but infinitely greater) way, the gospel is stunningly beautiful, and we gravitate to it when we see it lived out. We tell others, through both words and actions, that they need the gospel in their lives, too, because it takes ugly things and repaints them in gorgeous, shining color.

This passage of Adorned had me saying “Amen!” at my desk as I read:

There is simply no more powerful tool of evangelism, no more effective means of bringing about social or systematic change, than for Christians to believe and demonstrate the doctrine and gospel of Jesus Christ.

That proposition might seem naïve and unsophisticated to some. What difference could a handful of regenerate Christ followers on the island of Crete possibly make in that far-flung, degenerate Roman Empire? What difference does it make if you and I live godly lives in our ungodly world?

You, your family, and your church may be tiny islands of godliness in a vast sea of wickedness. But don’t underestimate what God can do to make the gospel desirable to lost souls through those outposts of grace and beauty. That’s how the kingdom of God spreads.

So if you’re a younger woman . . . get started now learning to pursue, grasp, and treasure the sound doctrine of God’s Word, knowing it will shape the person you are today as well as the person you will one day become. And be sure you’re connecting with godly, older women whose love for Christ and His Word will increase your appetite for sound doctrine and your understanding of the difference it makes in every area of your life (pp. 46–47).

Seeking to love Jesus Christ and to live out the realities of the gospel in our lives will be the best kind of beauty regimen we could ever pursue.

The gospel sets us free from sin’s ugly bondage; it provides the grace to love others with gentleness and selflessness; it upholds us with the strength to trust God through suffering; it fills us with boldness to share truth in kindness; it reminds us of all we’ve been forgiven and motivates us to passionately live for Christ. Isn’t that beautiful?

This is one of my favorite quotes in all of Adorned:

When God’s Word is learned and lived out by older and younger women together, the outcome will be stunningly beautiful. Utterly captivating. A mirror reflection of Christ.

Gospel beauty. Let’s cultivate it together.

Here’s your last chance to win a copy of Adorned in March!

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