For A Lifetime, Part 2

Yesterday we heard from new blogger, Tim Sweetman. He got us all thinking about weddings, wisdom, and the cross. Today he finishes those thoughts and points us toward a new vision. Check it out.

A Truth
Back to the godly older couple. I have been called to look to their example like I’m called to look at the example of Christ. They have wisdom that I so desperately need.bride and groom at altar

Let’s face it—I’m arrogant. I always think that I have it all together. I feel as if I don’t need to worry about the future, because I’ve got it in control right now.

That’s wrong. God has called us to pursue wisdom because in our youth we need it like nothing else. There is not a magical moment where wisdom will suddenly appear in my life.

Maybe you can relate.

A Vision
And so, when I’m standing there waiting for my bride to come, I want to have a vision not only for that moment. I want that vision to be of years to come, with the wisdom piling up. I’m not scared of gray hair any more. Actually in some ways, if it meant I had more wisdom, I wish I had a white head.

So often we as young people have visions and dreams that are so exciting they make us lose sleep and do all kinds of crazy things. It’s the nature of the beast. These early years in our lives will define who we are for the rest of our days here on earth. Some of us blow the years. Others of us have vision but lose it when things don’t go our way. A few take advantage.

I want to have a vision with the cross at the center. With faithfulness to God and to my family at its heart. It’s easy to get stuck in the excited thrill of the moment. And it’s perfectly normal to enjoy and celebrate during times that call for celebration. But if we live for one moment in our lives, everything will crumble. Marriage is not about a single ceremony; it’s about a lasting covenant. The words “I do” really are just words if we are living for a moment. But if we are living for a lifetime, those words keep ringing in our hearts and minds when the money is running out, when the car breaks down, when the kids are screaming, when the darkness creeps in, when the job is gone, when the gray hair grows, and when the skin begins to sag. Beauty fades and strength fails.

But a lifetime of service and sacrifice will stand secure when the flames of this world work to ravish the covenant of marriage.

So when I’m standing there ready to make that covenant, I want to think about more than just that moment. I want to think about that older couple at the restaurant. About Paul’s call for young men to look for wisdom from the older men. About Jesus and His ultimate act of selflessness and love. I want that to be me. I want to live a lifetime characterized by service and sacrifice to one special girl.

I can’t wait.

About Author

Tim has been writing since 2005, mainly on his blog,, as well as in a number of magazines across the country.

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