5 Simple Ways to Make Your Summer Count

From the LYWB.com Team: To help you make the most of the next few months, we’ve pulled some posts from our archives about summer. Here’s one of our favorites from Jen Cortez.

Summer break is coming soon, and I cannot wait. I’m looking forward to taking my kids to the neighborhood pool, eating dinner on the back deck, and spending lazy mornings at home. Just thinking about this is like a visit to the spa for me, girls.

What are you looking forward to this summer? If you’re a student, you may have weeks of extra time on your hands. Did you know that the Bible actually encourages us to figure out what to do with all of that time?

Why not set some fun and meaningful goals for yourself? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Get to know someone you admire. Is there any woman in your life who is walking with Christ in a way you really respect? Why not initiate a friendship with her? Here’s what you might say: “I really admire you and your walk with the Lord. Do you think we could get together a couple of times this summer so I could get to know you better?” Make your request specific so she knows what you’re expecting, and have questions ready for her when you get together. You could go for a walk at a local park or even tag along while she runs errands. Who knows what you might learn or how meaningful that relationship may become!
  • Make a prayer notebook. I keep a notebook with dividers in it, and I pray for different things every day of the week. I always start off with praise and adoration for God, confession, and daily prayers for my family. On Tuesdays, for example, I pray for specific prayer requests from others. On Wednesdays I pray for world leaders and issues like human trafficking. This is just a tool that helps me be intentional in my prayer life. Maybe you would find it helpful, too! (Sometimes I skip a few days. That’s okay!)
  • Invest in someone younger. I’ll bet there’s a young woman in your life who looks up to you. How might you encourage her? Is there some way you can be a purposeful friend to her this summer? Ask the Lord who that might be and what He would have you do. Did you know this is not just a good idea; it’s God’s idea! Don’t take my word for it—you can read it for yourself in Titus 2:3–5.

Do you have some fun summer ideas you could share with us? We’d love to hear them.


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Jennifer Case Cortez is a literary-agent-turned-stay-at-home-mom. She loves connecting young women with God's Word, and her writing has been featured in the Mom's Bible, the Devotional Bible for Dads, and the Life Promises Bible. Jennifer loves playing her guitar, eating Nashville hot chicken, and hanging out with her husband Daniel and their four children: Sam, Joshua, Jacob, and Evelyn Grace.

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