Five Friday Favorites

Well hello there, Five Friday Favorites! We’ve missed you!

I hope your Christmas was just the absolute merriest. And please tell me you’re enjoying some fabulous and cozy Christmas vacation time.

Speaking of vacation—you should definitely have a few extra moments for reading, right? Perfect. Because we’ve rounded up five of our most popular posts from 2018.

You may notice a theme here . . . our readers sure like to read posts about dating and romance! No worries, I know I’d click on a few of these myself!

So grab a plate of those leftover Christmas goodies—you can’t just let them go to waste!—and take a look at five of our most-clicked posts from the year.

1. Why Hasn’t Anyone Asked Me Out?

For the girl who’s wondering, Why hasn’t anyone ever asked me on a date? What’s wrong with me? Leanna understands the anxiety that bubbles up from the struggle to wait for a guy to take interest in you. Her words will comfort you and point you to the Truth that crushes the “not good enough” lies circling in your mind.

Regardless of your doubts or disappointments, hang on to the truth that God is sovereign and good.

Read this post.

2. Better Than a Bowl of Doritos

You’ve had a hard day. Strike that—a straight-up-awful day. So you grab that pint of ice cream . . . and order takeout . . . and hit play on that Netflix binge . . . and justify it all in the name of “I deserve this.” Won’t some good laughs from your favorite show make it better? Won’t those chips and queso solve all your problems?

We know the answer. Escapism doesn’t work. But God’s Word? That’s the stuff we need on bad days and on every single other day.

Read this post.

3. How to Lovingly Turn Him Down

You can tell he’s interested in you. But you just know you don’t feel the same way. You want to be nice. And it’s all so awkward. So you dance around what really needs to be said: “I’m not interested in dating you.”

How can you turn a guy down without crushing him? Paula’s here to help.

Read this post.

4. Am I Ready for Romance?

You like him—like, so much! But is a relationship a good idea? Are you ready to date? How can you know?

Bethany shares some solid questions to ask yourself, as well as advice for pursuing a love relationship without regrets.

Read this post.

5. Resolved!

We kicked off 2018 with this post on January 1, and I love that it was one of our most-clicked posts of the year! Erin shared a vision for 2018—and it totally applies to us still as we look ahead to 2019!

Guys, this is just so good. (And the entire post is worth the read!)

I want to see us turn from sin (especially sins that have wreaked havoc in our lives for a long time) and sprint like Olympic athletes toward the grace of God.

I want us to reject the lies the enemy whispers in our ears and hold a megaphone up to God’s Truth.

I want us to adopt a zero tolerance policy toward bitterness. It has worked like a cancer in our hearts for far too long already.

I want us to be salty—a gritty force for good in our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces, and in our communities. May we stop seeking to blend in and know we were meant to stand out.

Read this post—and just replace “2018” with “2019” and start praying that God would keep changing your heart in the year ahead!

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