Finding Freedom from the Lies

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Amanda LibbyOur readers love to talk about God’s truth. Several months ago we offered the chance for readers to submit posts for our blog. The response was overwhelming. You’ll be able to catch the writing of these one-time guest bloggers in the coming months. These are readers just like you who are striving to live out God’s truth. Since these are guest bloggers their style or approach may be a little different than you’re used to, but we’ve read every word and we think they’ve got something important to say. In fact, check out his great post by Amanda Libby.

From truth to lies; it’s like a light switch. Just as easily as truth can be flipped to a lie, so can a lie be changed by a simple truth. I’d like to propose that surrender to the light of Christ is what will transform our darkened views to clearer perspectives.

I’ve been studying a lot about Eve of Genesis. She was quite a woman. Much like we are actually. The more I examine the way Eve lived, the more I conclude how I probably would have made the same choice(s) she did. I react similarly all the time!

See, Eve walked with the LORD God in the perfect garden! Can you imagine living like that? Eve was comfortable with Him … until … she was enticed by the devil to do something “more exciting.”

Has anything like Eve’s story ever happened to you? It has to me. Becoming apathetic in my relationship with God leads me to believe Satan’s and my ways are more intriguing than God’s. When I become less concerned about following God, I choose to live in sinful ways. (I notice that the very thing God reveals I need to guard against is the very same thing that attacks me shortly thereafter.)

Eve opted to surrender to the lust of the flesh. That fruit must have been some fruit! Or maybe not. Maybe the fruit was just fruit. While Eve’s heart wanted something different than what she already had. Maybe the lie she was hearing was just louder than the truth she knew. She let go of the truth of God’s desire for her. What a devastating experience!

What might have been different had Eve chosen to surrender to the truth? Everything! How might our lives look different if we would surrender to God’s ideas rather than our own?

My sisters, humbly surrender to Jesus! It is how we will have the desire to replace lies with truth. Begin fueling the practice of this humble surrender with the Person of Christ in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27). Our hope of overcoming lies with the truth has already arrived in the Person of Jesus Christ!

Dannah and Nancy mentioned the need to embrace truth. Embracing truth IS embracing CHRIST! When we call to Jesus, our minds are redirected toward HIM. Our feelings and emotions may not be there right away, but our decision can be based on the solidity of God’s Word and His Son.

My mom invented this acrostic of the word try. Sometimes we feel like we just need to try harder to remember to dwell on truth … but look at trying this way:


Relinquishing and


Totally relinquishing and yielding ourselves to God is what trying should be. It is essentially surrender.

Lies can seem to eat us up, inside and out. But how can we fight them? Surrender to Jesus! He will transform those lies to truth. Jesus is greater than lies. He is Truth. Believe Truth. Believe Jesus. Be set free!


About the Author:  My name is Amanda Libby. I am from a beautiful place known as the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I graduated from Word of Life Bible Institute in 2009. Currently, at 22, I am studying at graduate college with a degree in religion through Liberty University Online. You’ll find me the happiest when I am in a good climbing tree, reading my Bible, hearing the Gospel preached, singing, playing piano, chillin’ with my loved ones, and/or playing Banagrams in a cozy coffee shop.

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