Cheeseburgers and Closet Sins

I’m about to spill a secret—a big, juicy, secret.
Here goes: I’m a closet cheeseburger eater.

Okay, so maybe that slice of information from my life didn’t shock you like you might’ve expected. Are cheeseburgers really a secret? Allow me to provide some backstory.

To believe that we can maintain a squeaky-clean exterior while indulging secret closet sins is to believe a cunningly-crafted lie.

I’m rather health conscious. Not because I’ve bought into an all-natural, über-healthy philosophy, but because I like to care for my body. For certain health reasons, I try to avoid gluten and yeast and lots of dairy (not because those things are unhealthy, but because they don’t treat my body with much loving-kindness).

But I love cheeseburgers. And mozzarella sticks. And Mexican chimichangas. And ice cream cones! But . . . I really do love to take care of myself—and that’s the perception I tend to communicate to others.

So back to the cheeseburger.

The other evening, I was a Starvin’ Marvin, as they say. I suddenly found myself in the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant, being handed a to-go bag that smelled of freshly grilled, cheesy goodness.

Oh, how I ate that double cheeseburger (double!) with pleasure and giggles, literal giggles, because I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten an entire burger, bun and all—or should I say, gluten and yeast and all.

Now, not only was I committing treason against my stomach, but I also realized I couldn’t let anyone know what I was doing. That burger had to be gone before anyone had a chance to see the fast food crime I was indulging.

I popped the last bite into my mouth before I turned into my driveway—that double layer contraband was gone in three minutes flat. I conveniently tossed the brown drive-thru bag into the garbage bin in the garage, successfully hiding the evidence, smiling about my little yummy secret.

I’m a health-conscious girl with a cheesy little secret that no one will ever find out.

Closets and Cheeseburgers

Okay, let’s think about this: Closet cheeseburgers? Probably not such a big deal. But real, closet sins? That’s a huge deal.

I was a health-conscious girl trying to hide a not-so-healthy burger. I wanted to protect my "reputation." So I want you to put yourself in that situation, but think with a bigger, spiritual perspective.

Are you keeping up your reputation as the “health conscious,” or more accurately, the “good Christian” girl who everyone thinks well of?

In our sinfulness, it’s more than possible to be . . .

  • The girl who champions purity in the youth group but sends inappropriate texts to her boyfriend.
  • The girl who uses all the right words in front of adults but gossips and swears around her friends.
  • The girl who seems to be everyone’s friend but thinks nasty thoughts about those with whom she interacts.

Don’t Believe the Lie

To believe that we can maintain a squeaky-clean exterior while indulging secret closet sins is to believe a cunningly-crafted lie. God calls it what it is: pride and deception. Sin.

Have you found yourself sinning in the privacy of your room, or even in your mind, and you’ve enjoyed it because “nobody” has found out?

Have you found yourself loving the sin that isn’t good for you—that actually harms you?

Have you thrown the evidence into the trash, dusting off your hands, thinking that you’re good to go?

Here’s the big truth that swings the door wide open on closet sins—God knows. He knows our actions that everyone can see, and He knows the sin we hide in a closet and hope nobody will ever discover.

“For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (1 Sam. 16:7).

Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy (Prov. 28:13).

So . . . What Does a Closet Sin Look Like?

Here’s what closet sins might look like:

  • Watching inappropriate movies (with crude jokes, lots of violence, and sensuality).
  • Browsing Internet sites I’d never show anyone else.
  • Letting my mind wander to and dwell on thoughts I’d be embarrassed to tell anyone else.
  • Reading steamy romance novels.
  • Being super lazy (like oversleeping, but pretending like I got up much earlier).
  • Journaling unkind words about others.
  • Taking something that isn’t mine, whether it belongs to a store or to someone else.
  • Saying words, out loud or in my head, that I’d blush if someone else heard.

But don’t miss this! Here’s the great, fabulous news that counters all closet sins—God is more powerful than our sin!

Sweet girl, I’m praying that God will be merciful to break your heart over your closet sins. But not only that, I’m praying that you’ll run to Christ, confessing your sin and asking God to scrub you clean. His grace is big enough to destroy every secret closet sin and to set you free from that sin’s bondage.

So what do you say? Will you open the door of that closet sin and let God do some demolition?

(You could even celebrate victory over sin with lots of thanksgiving to Jesus and a cheeseburger . . . that everyone sees you eating, of course!)

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