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Thirty-Day Challenge With a Twist

Several months ago, I challenged you to commit to read your Bible every
day for thirty days. Several of you agreed to do so. In fact, since the
arrival of the New Year some of you have re-committed to this challenge
as part of your resolutions.

What a great idea! In fact, I think we should join you. We could all
benefit from laying a solid foundation for 2009 by jump-starting our
prayer and devotional lives.

And, I’m willing to sweeten the deal.

God is not enough

God promises to satisfy our needs (Philippians 4:19). Even so, 88% of the Christian girls we interviewed agreed with the statement “God is not enough.”

Three main things consistently rivaled God for being enough to satisfy. They were:

1. Friends
2. Material objects
3. Accomplishments

What are your top three?