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Has Life Stolen Your Dance?

Today is my birthday. It’s weird to think about, but I was born on this exact date 30 years ago (that’s right, today I’m the big three-o!). It’s hard to imagine it now but I once weighed little more than five pounds and fit snuggly into the arms of my mom and dad. I don’t remember those baby days, but I do know that soon after that first birthday, I started to dance.

Tell Me About Him!

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to sit down and write out things that are true of my Lover. Not just so I can brag on Him to others, but so when I’m feeling unloved and unpursued by other men, I can remind myself that I have the love of Someone who’s infinitely better!

Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

When faced with difficult circumstances, I often hear people say, “Everything happens for a reason.” I can understand why we want that to be true. In the midst of relationship problems, illness, death, and disappointment we want to believe that what’s happening to us has great meaning and will ultimately work out for our good. But does this belief line up with the Word of God?

Does the Bible Really Say That?

This week, I’d like to tackle three ideas that I hear often on the blog and in my interactions with other believers. I want to know if they are affirmed or contradicted by what we find in God’s Word. I don’t have all the answers, but I am hoping we can dig up some serious truth together. 

The Gospel & Me

As I’ve been taking the time to be quiet before God yesterday and today, the motives I’ve had behind many things are being exposed. Even while I’m praising Him in words, I’m often so much more concerned with making my name look good than Christ’s