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Girl, don’t face that temptation alone!

Jesus knows the pain of temptation
more acutely than you or I ever will, precisely because He never gave into it—He was tempted long and often, but . . . always
without sin.

“I Am” Chooses to be Born

What makes Jesus’ birth stand apart from all others isn’t the humble
stable in Bethlehem, Israel, where He was born or the smelly animals that
witnessed His entry into the world, though those were certainly some unique circumstances!
What made His birth different than every other was that . . . “His birth did
not mark His origin, but only His appearance as a man on the stage of time.”

How would Jesus celebrate Christmas?

Between Santa and jingle
bells, Christmas parties, and presents to buy and hope for, I think most of us
struggle to keep our attention focused on the baby in the manger. I've worked
hard to make this a Christmas where I had time to consider the sacred. That's
why I keep wondering how Jesus would celebrate His birth.