The Liar Archive

The Number One Lie Young Women Believe

Because I work on a blog titled and because I often get the chance to speak to girls like you about lies and truth, people regularly ask me, “In your opinion, what’s the number one lie young women believe?” While I’ve certainly seen plenty of girls tripped up by lies about guys or beauty or trying to fit in, I believe that the number one lie girls like you believe doesn’t have to do with these areas. It has to do with God.

Best Week Ever!

I don’t know about you, but the resurrection, the crucifixion, and God’s plan for my redemption can sometimes soar right over my head. I know that they matter, but I can’t seem to wrap my little brain around the bigness of it all.

Three Reasons Why the Trinity Matters

Instead of running from the things about God that seem too complex or above my head, I’ve learned to run toward them, like a soldier training for battle. Because I want you to run toward God and His Word with your questions, I want us to tackle the tough stuff together. This week we’re ripping off that Band-Aid with a biggie—the Trinity.

When God Calls a Snow Day

Snow is more than just some cold, white stuff that keeps me stuck indoors. It is a reminder that God is in control of all things; His hand is involved in all things. Those teeny-tiny snowflakes were created by a very BIG God. When I know what the Bible says about snow, it becomes another reminder of the character of God.


The Scoop on the World

When you think of the world, you might think of exploring Paris and New Zealand and the Ivory Coast (how exciting does that sound?!). The world seems like a neutral space full of endless possibilities for adventure. It is . . . right? It all depends on what you mean by “world.”