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Is doubting God a sin?

Many of you have commented lately that you are wrestlingwith feelings of doubt and discouragement in the area of faith. Some of youmention doubt casually as if it’s a companion you’ve always known. Others ofyou seem practically panicked when doubts hit you as if your faith has alwaysbeen rock solid and your doubts about God have caught you off guard. One of the most importantquestions to consider when it comes to doubt is, “Is doubt a sin?” Let’s seehow God’s Word answers that question.


Why Reconciliation Really Matters

What’s another reason why our prayers can sometimes be blocked? The Bible shows that clearly there is a connection between our relationships and the
effectiveness of our prayer lives.


God is My Good Luck Charm

Is Jesus your good luck charm or the God you trust in all



God is teaching me a new
meaning for Sabbath. He is showing me that it’s so much more than a day of the
week or a routine involving church.


Erin Answers a Reader’s Question About Drinking

A reader recently asked a great question. 

“ Okay I kinda have a controversial question. Is it okay for Christians to drink alcohol as long as they don’t get drunk? Are there any verses that condemn drinking? I know there are some verses that condemn drunkenness but I don’t know if it’s bad or not to drink a few sips. I’m 15 and I don’t drink but someone at my church has a few drinks and doesn’t get drunk and I’m wondering if anyone out there has found any verses or anything about this topic.”