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I Need a Boyfriend

When you look to a relationship with a guy to make
you happy, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. If you are using
dating (and marriage in the future) as a means to validate your worth, the
consequences will be even more severe.

When You Don’t Have a Valentine

If you’re struggling with feelings of loss, anxiety,
loneliness, or frustration this Valentine’s Day, this post is for you. I want
to encourage you not to dwell on your negative feelings about romance. (And
don’t even think about eating an entire box of Valentine’s chocolate all by
yourself!) Instead, turn your heart toward these specific truths straight out
of God’s Word.

Are Crushes Okay?

There is one question that has been asked on this
blog more than any other—are crushes okay? It seems that many of you are
serious about your commitment to remain physically pure until your wedding day,
but that hasn’t stopped your heart from racing when a certain fella walks into
the room. And you’re wondering, Are these
feelings okay?