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What Is Love?

I wish I could boil love down into a single, simple definition. If I could, I would most certainly have a hit song on my hands! But love is a complex emotion, and it involves so much more than our feelings. Fortunately when looking for love, God’s Word provides all the wisdom we need.

How far is too far?

Some of you have decided not to kiss until marriage. Others
think kissing is okay. Some of you have said you will only hold hands. Others
choose a different line. Some of you have realized you’ve gone too far
physically only after the damage has been done. That’s why I think it’s wise to
know how far you’re willing to go long before you ever have the opportunity to
act. But … how far is too far?

Ask Erin: “How do I interact with guys just as a friend?”

At the beginning of this month, I asked you to tell me your
most burning questions when it comes to guys and romance. One question that
popped up often was, “How do I interact with guys just as a friend/Christian
sister?” We also saw a lot of a similar question: “Is it okay to become friends
with a guy to see if they’d make a good husband?” I am so glad you’re asking these questions! I
want you to understand the difference between standing firm in your commitment
to purity (a very, very good thing) and being standoffish toward the guys in
your life (not such a good thing).

Freedom From the Need for a Boyfriend

Let me introduce
you to my friend, Brita. For years she struggled with the ramifications of
believing the lie "I need a boyfriend." The good news is Lies Young Women Believe played an important role in exposing this
lie in Brita’s life and pointing her toward truth. Since I know a few of you
are wrestling with this lie as well, I invited Brita to share her story.