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Can Satan Read Our Thoughts?

“Can Satan read our thoughts?” It’s a question you’ve been asking on the blog
lately and a question many Christians have asked in the past. I can
understand why the answer seems important. Admittedly, it is
frightening to consider the possibility that anyone, especially an evil
being bent on our destruction can have access to our inner thoughts.

But it’s a tough question and tough questions rarely come with easy answers.

Armor Up!

Imagine you are heading into battle. What should you do to prepare? Would you just sit back and wait for the fight to come to you? Not if you’re a good soldier. An experienced soldier would know to study their enemy’s tactics, to prepare their weapons, to communicate with their superior officer…

Are you a good soldier?

Why Does Discernment Matter?

Twilight certainly isn’t the first book, series, or movie to desensitize readers toward Truth. Many of today’s hottest media choices are laced with harmful contradictions to God’s Word.

Nancy recently tackled one such book on Revive Our Hearts radio. As part of a two-day series, Nancy examined the best-selling book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. She was joined in the studio by Dr. Erwin Lutzer and Dr. Don Whitney. That conversation contained great insights for those of us who are learning to discern, especially in the area of our media choices.