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Homosexuality: A Story of Redemption Part 2

Yesterday I
introduced you to Rene. She’s a woman who was involved in the homosexual
lifestyle for more than 11 years. Today she is living proof of God’s power to
change hearts and lives.

Homosexuality: A Story of Redemption

Meet Rene. She is a former
homosexual now serving Jesus in full-time ministry. I couldn’t wait to pass her
story on to you because it is a beautiful testimony of God’s ability to redeem
all things.

Choosing to Stay in the Pit

As I’ve watched the rescued miners, I’ve been struck by how
often we choose the pit of sin. We
know it isn’t what’s best for us. We get that sin ultimately leads to bondage and
that Christ died to set us free, but we make the choice to head back down the
shaft toward sin just to make sure we’re not missing out on anything.