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Finding Freedom From Porn

Pornography covers itself in a candy-coated package offering up promises like "Satisfaction guaranteed!" and "No more cravings!" At first, it seems to deliver those promises, but only for a short time. In the end you find yourself feeling disgusted by what you did and, at the very same time, strangely craving for more.

There’s A Hole In My Sidewalk

If you’re in a pit of sin, whether you’ve fallen in willingly or unwillingly, it’s so important for you to understand that you don’t have to stay there. But just like avoiding a hole in the sidewalk, it’s also important for you make the hard choices necessary to avoid the sin pit the next time it’s in your path.


Coming clean hurts. It’s not easy to tell God that you have sinned and
need His forgiveness. But acknowledging your sin and repenting is a
critical first step toward breaking free.

Do I Have To Tell?

In response to last week’s post about overcoming sin, several of you shared your fear about confessing your sin to others. You have legitimate concerns, but I have to wonder, do they justify continuing in sin? Is the possibility of gossip or strong emotions really a good enough deterrent to remain in bondage?

A Quiz for Overcoming Sin

If you are locked in a pattern of sin that you can’t seem to break free from, you know what it’s like to be in bondage. You may feel tied to your sin or like you’re stuck in rut of trying and failing to overcome sin over and over again. As part of our Truth Boot Camp, I want to encourage you to take finding victory over your sin seriously this year.

Why I Got Kicked Out of Church

As we explore what the Bible says about how we should respond to church authority, I don’t want you to feel like I’m pointing the finger at you. I’ve had trouble with church authority myself, and I know that this is an area where our backs naturally want to arch. But I’ve also learned that the way I respond to human authority correlates to my willingness to submit to God’s authority.