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Tim Sweetman

Tim has been writing since 2005, mainly on his blog,, as well as in a number of magazines across the country.

To Shoot An Elephant

How often do we face situations where we know what’s
right but we’d rather not be laughed at? There are so many reasons to go
with the crowd and with their expectations—everyone would understand.
But we struggle inside. We battle and wrestle and struggle. Yet we sit
there with our fingers on the trigger of sin.

For A Lifetime, Part 2

So often we as young people have visions and dreams that are so exciting they make us lose sleep and do all kinds of crazy things. It’s the nature of the beast. These early years in our lives will define who we are for the rest of our days here on earth.

For A Lifetime

I can’t quite get the image out of my head of the elderly couple sitting across from each other holding hands at the restaurant last night. Maybe I’m sentimental. Maybe I’m a little emotional. Or maybe it just reminds of a deeper truth.