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Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee's greatest passion is to see the glory of Christ, cherish Him unreservedly, and assist others in doing the same. She makes her home in Toronto.



What if we lived in imminent
expectation and excitement for Jesus’ return? What if we said "Come Lord Jesus" every day—and meant it? How would it change the way we spoke and thought and used our time if we were counting down?

How to Know if You’ve Been Saved

When I was about ten or eleven years old, I stopped being able to fall asleep easily at night. I’d on my bunk-bed instead, staring at the ceiling and thinking about hell. Where would I go when I died? I said my own version of ‘the sinner’s prayer’ every night, but it didn’t shake my fear. Maybe you can relate.

Many of you have raised questions about your own salvation. How can you tell if you’ve been saved?

No Such Thing as Procrastination

We all have noble intentions of reforming our ways– it’s just that our efforts tend to crumble quickly. (Producing discouragement, then more failure, then hopelessness, then more failure… it doesn’t seem to end.) How can we change when all our previous attempts have only landed us flat on our faces?

The Gospel & Me

As I’ve been taking the time to be quiet before God yesterday and today, the motives I’ve had behind many things are being exposed. Even while I’m praising Him in words, I’m often so much more concerned with making my name look good than Christ’s

Avatar vs. Heaven

If Avatar has inadvertently helped someone recognize the vanity of life apart from Christ, I’m grateful. Restlessness about this world is good. Satisfaction in Pandora, however—or any other fictitious "alternate reality"—is not.

Two Views of Motherhood

In spite of massive amounts of Hallmark cards purchased yearly on Mother’s Day, it’s a cultural taboo if you want to be "a mom" when you grow up—unless you also "do something with your life" in the corporate world first and continue to get on with your career afterward.