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Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee's greatest passion is to see the glory of Christ, cherish Him unreservedly, and assist others in doing the same. She makes her home in Toronto.

Truth and Lies About Marriage

Marriage, like everything else, is an "empty box" in the end. It wasn’t
meant to satisfy our heart’s greatest longings.

Relationships Are On Our Mind

God created us to be drawn to the opposite sex, and marriage
is an incredible covenant designed for our holiness and God’s glory. But the
catechism does not say that the chief end of man is marriage. It says that our goal should be to glorify God and enjoy
Him forever—and yet we often operate exactly as if the former were true.

Being True to Yourself

Are you living "true" to your new Christ-nature, or are you denying who
you really are by acting like your old self is still alive and kicking?

Are you a chicken or an eagle?

we still sinners at the deepest part of who we are? Or does our new identity in
Christ make us saints who continue to
struggle with sin?

Do you cuv?

But what if covetousness goes far deeper than a surface
desire for flashy, expensive things in a store? What if covetousness is the root of anger, fighting, bitterness, and
all unkind speech as well?

The Truth About Insecurity

It’s easy to acknowledge that a girl who flaunts her drop-dead-gorgeous
looks has a problem in the area of pride, but am I really saying that a girl
who thinks she’s completely unattractive and untalented may struggle with the
very same issue?