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Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee's greatest passion is to see the glory of Christ, cherish Him unreservedly, and assist others in doing the same. She makes her home in Toronto.

Is God Disappointed In Me?

If you were to assess your current relationship with Christ, I wonder how you would describe it. Would you resonate with the feelings of a spouse who can never measure up? I know I’ve felt that way often, and I think this struggle is common.

Living Shamelessly, Part 2

God could have stopped short at just taking away our guilt, and He still would have been unfathomably loving and kind. But He didn’t stop there. He replaces our shame with honor. He swaps our bondage to sin with freedom. He’s loved us before time, and He’s chosen us. He’s set us aside for the greatest joy of all—the joy of knowing Him. And He says that we belong to Him.

Living Shamelessly, Part 1

On May 2nd this year, a thirteen-year-old boy and a fifteen-year-old boy in Jiangsu Province took their own lives because they were unable to fully complete the homework that had been assigned to them over Labor Day. Like me, you may not have ever considered suicide because of a late homework assignment. But when I read the comments on this blog, I know that you too are familiar with the crippling power of shame. You feel that you’re inadequate, worthless, hopeless, stuck, a chronic failure—anything but free.