Author Description

Jacqueline Gardner

Originally from the land of ice, snow, and cheese, this Wisconsin-native works for Dannah Gresh’s ministry, Pure Freedom. You might find this self-proclaimed "Jac"-of-all-trades teaching at a Secret Keeper Girl Live! event, furiously tackling stacks of data entry, surreptitiously planting flamingos in people’s yards, or using big words like surreptitiously. (She was homeschooled her entire life so she pretty much can’t help that last part.) Jacqueline is a recent college grad, but considers herself a ceaseless student of God’s own heart. She’s a hopeless romantic, former competitive debater, lover of coffee shops, and avid reader of Nancy Drew mysteries.


Only A Boy Named David

At the beginning of my missions trip, Dannah Gresh talked about how God had a divine appointment for each of us on the trip. Someone He wanted us to meet and talk to. Turns out you don’t have to go romping through the jungles to find the person God wants you to reach.