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Hannah Farver

As an accomplished communicator, writer, and nationally ranked public speaker, this homeschool graduate likes to talk. Currently, she works part-time as a speech and drama instructor. In her "spare" time, Hannah enjoys singing old musical numbers, swing dancing, spending time with friends and family, and attempting to brew the perfect cup of chai. She lives outside Dallas, Texas with her parents, brother and two sisters.

Feeling funky?

Common sense says proper sleep, exercise, eating right, and getting out
in the sun for a while can get those endorphins pumping and brighten your day.
But I’m learning that a great deal of my Bad Days can be traced to spiritual

Unstoppable, Inexorable

I don’t know
the exact reason why God knits hard times into our lives. Sometimes the reason
becomes apparent after the season has passed. Sometimes it never does. But I do
know this: God loves us. And if His love is anything, it’s inexorable.


The Day of Small Things

The day of small things. It’s
the day when no progress seems to be made; the day when life knots itself up
until the threads seem impossible to untangle. That moment when you struggle
alone, and no one but God knows how beaten you feel. No
one would notice it. You might not even want to remember it.

But take that same moment, and turn it upside down.

Bring on the Wonder

When was the last time you
really, truly wondered?

Not Good Enough

Do you actively
compare yourself to others? Do you ever feel
like your day is just a 12-hourlong scramble for perfection in which you
always, always fail? Answering
"yes" to any of those questions is a miserable place to be. It’s not healthy,
right, or fun to live constantly burdened to do better in your own strength.

God & The Prince of Persia

How often do you secretly question His reasons for not answering your prayers the way that you’d like them answered? How often are you frustrated with His sovereignty? How often do you doubt whether God’s doing the right thing? How often do you fear that if you trust God with your life, He’ll mess it up?


Defending 100 Million Girls

In China alone, it’s thought that there are 50 million girls missing due to being aborted or left to die, for no other reason except their gender (Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize winning economist).

One in three women in the world have been (or will be) violently abused in their lifetime (U.N. Development Fund for Women).

Eighty percent of trafficking victims are women or girls (U.S. Department of State, via the International Justice Mission).