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Ginny Melby

Ginny Melby is a senior at Wheaton College in Illinois studying elementary education. Combining her loves for travel and the Lord, Ginny hopes to move overseas to be a missionary teacher after college.


What Ten Cents Can Do

Second Corinthians 9:6–15 is a passage that encourages believers to be generous givers, and it’s amazing how many promises God makes to us! If you give generously, He promises you will reap generously; have all grace abounding to you; have ALL that you need, with plenty left over to share with others; have righteousness; be remembered affectionately in the prayers of others; be made rich in every way; and cause others to thank God. What an offer!


Trust In A Pothole

“Just trust God.” We hear that a lot when we are going through a dip (or a pothole) in the road of life. But it is so much easier said than done. What does trusting God look like when you’re facing circumstances that are scarier than you ever could have imagined? Or when you’re in a fearful time of waiting, your mind racing through all the possible unknowns?

Because Love Does

If you had told me I would be paddleboarding across Lake Michigan this summer, I wouldn’t have believed you. But after reading a book called Love Does by Bob Goff, my friend Craig and I were inspired to do something worthwhile. In his book, Bob says that instead of just thinking of ways to ambitiously love others, just go do something!