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Brad Neese

Brad Neese is an evolving leader captivated by the child-like simplicity and the deep-ocean complexity of the Gospel. He is a graduate of Cedarville University & Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently a Student Ministry Pastor in southwest Michigan. One loving, godly, and nurturing woman graciously agreed to covenant with him in marriage over a decade ago, and out of all the 6.8 billion people in the world, only four get to call him ‘Dad.’ But above all this, Brad follows Jesus. No one else.

Spring Break Everywhere

This post doesn’t point the finger at spring break, Cancun, or even drinking alcohol. It has to do with acceptance. Everyone, in one way or another, finds acceptance. Many times we search for acceptance in doing what other people want. Now at first glance, it seems that being pressured to do the "right" things is better than being pressured to do the "wrong" things. But in all honesty, both revolve around being accepted by other people because of your actions. Neither one is consistent with the gospel.

The Gospel In Boston

In the midst of one story from the Boston Marathon last week, we find the gospel.

Pure Truth About Purity Rings

Do you wear a purity ring and have a commitment to stay pure until marriage? Whether you do or not, read this challenge to think about that commitment and be exposed to a deeper understanding of “why” you are wearing (or not wearing) a purity ring based on the gospel.