A Homework Assignment for You and Your Mom

If you checked out the blog yesterday, you know I highlighted God’s command that we honor our parents. I imagine that post might have felt a lot like a lecture since you still live under 

mom helping daughter with homeworkyour parents’ roof and I don’t. But I want you to know I’ve been where you are. I know how difficult it can be to live out this specific command.

I got serious about my faith when I was 15. But sometimes that didn’t translate into my home life. Looking back I can see that there were times when I was disrespectful to my parents despite being totally on fire for Jesus. It’s something I wish I had done differently.

In order to help us look at this issue from another angle, I thought I’d get my mom’s take on those years. Check it out.

Erin: Can you remember a specific time when I was disrespectful?

Mom: The only time I can think of when things got really scary for me was when you were determined to go see your boyfriend after you had had some disagreement, and I thought it best that you stay home and calm down. It was nighttime. You threatened to drive off or walk. It was a tense time, and I was very afraid for your safety. Your siblings headed for the hills. It scared all of us, and prayer was the only answer to working things out. Eventually we did talk through it, and things calmed down. This was a very rare instance.

Erin: How did that make you feel?

Mom: It made me feel afraid for you, shaky, unsure of my instincts, very sad, and even lonely somehow. I felt I had to protect you and wished for the days I could rock you to sleep and calm your fears, knowing that time was gone.

Erin: From a parent’s perspective, why do you think God commands us to honor our parents? What is He protecting us from?

Mom: I think honoring our parents is a lifelong lesson. Even though my mom died, I still am learning to honor her memory. Our honor for our parents is the way we learn to honor God. It teaches us to obey even when we don’t want to and can’t see the reasons, just like we must obey God, who knows us best and sees all. It helps us to trust Him and to lean on Him.

Our enemy, Satan, whispers in our ears all of the time that we can do what we want, that we are omnipotent. That, of course, is a lie from the Father of Lies.

Erin: When you are a teenager, disrespecting your parents can feel like “no big deal.” Give us the bigger picture. In your experience, how does it impact the whole family?

Mom: Disrespecting your parents or your children has a ripple effect. It doesn’t stop with two people. Its effects widen and widen to other family members, other relationships, even other situations in a lifetime. There is a way to heal through repentance and forgiveness by Jesus. Thank you, God!


Today my mom and I have a great relationship, but honoring and respecting her is sometimes still a challenge. I think it is part of our sin nature to push against the boundaries our authorities place on us. Even so this is an area where we need to be diligent about choosing to live out God’s truth.

Now it’s your turn. I want you to interview your mom about how you’re doing in this area. You can use the same questions I used with my mom or create your own. The goal is to have an honest conversation about how well you are living out God’s command that you honor your parents.

I can’t wait to hear about it!

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