A Homework Assignment for the 30-day Challengers

Did you catch Nancy on ROH yesterday? She started a series titled “Getting into the Word and Getting the Word into You.” It’s no coincidence that that is the exact topic we’re tackling all month here on

As part of that broadcast, Nancy gave an assignment to her listeners that couldn’t wait to pass on to you. Check it out.

“Let me encourage you as you’re fulfilling this 30-day challenge. One of the things you may want to do is to read through Psalm 119. As you read, mark down some of the blessings we find in this Psalm that come from the Word of God.”

Several of you have opted to start 2009 by accepting the 30-day challenge. You’ve agreed to read your Bible every day for 30 days (you can still take that challenge here). As part of that challenge, Nancy has encouraged us to read Psalm 119 and identify some of the blessings that God promises to those who read the Word of God.

If you’re the kind of student who skips ahead to the answers in the back of the book, you can check out Nancy’s broadcast from yesterday where she highlights several of the blessings from this Psalm. But, I would encourage you to dig into the Word and find the answers for yourself. What a great way to spend your quiet time today!

As you discover the blessings promised in this passage, leave us a comment right here in this post. I promise to give you an A+ just for the effort!

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