6 Tips for Making Modesty Happen All Year Round

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Dressing modestly is difficult, no matter what time of year it is. The pressure to dress flirty seems to follow us girls regardless of the temperature outside. Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean modesty is no longer an issue.

There seems to be constant pressure to show off our bodies.

Whether it’s skin-tight jeans, transparent shirts, cleavage-revealing tops, cropped shirts, short skirts, or the mini dress, there seems to be constant pressure to show off our bodies.

I want to give you a boost in the right direction and remind you that modesty is important year round.

Here are my top six tips and tricks for making modesty happen in every season.

1. Making Jeans Work

Shopping for pants can be a nightmare if you don’t have a trick up your sleeve. My secret? Long dresses and shirts! Instead of stressing over the fact that loose jeans are hard to come by, I just pair them with a long dress or shirt. It looks feminine, fashionable, and totally modest. You can see exactly how I do this in the Project Modesty Video I made with my four sisters!

2. Short Shorts No More

With my mile-long legs, even the “long shorts” look short on me. Instead of depending on the fashion industry to give me what I need, I’ve decided to create my own shorts. I buy pants or jeans that fit me well, cut them off below the knee, roll once or twice, and Bam! I’ve got an adorable new pair of modest shorts.

3. A Fix for Plunging Necklines

Finding a shirt that actually comes up to a decent height on the top can be tough! Thankfully, camisoles are designed to fix the problem and cover up cleavage, raise the neckline, and keep everything covered. Camisoles are so subtle that they don’t ruin the outfit. They just add that extra coverage to the shirt and create a beautiful, modest look. (Tip: I purchased my last few camisoles from H&M, and they work amazingly.)

4. My Belly Button Isn’t for Public Viewing

Despite the popularity of showing off the midsection, I like to keep my midriff covered. Again, camisoles are my lifesaver. I don’t know what I would do without my tucked-in camisole underneath my shirts. They keep my midriff covered and give me the opportunity to wear shirts that I couldn’t wear without one.

5. Button-Up Love!

A few years ago my sisters and I discovered the button-up shirt. I wear them several times in my video and multiple times in my Project Modesty ebook. Buttons-ups are a modest girl’s dream. They cover up well without looking old-fashioned. I love pairing my button-ups with a fun necklace or belt. If you aren’t in the habit of wearing button-ups, you’ve got to try them out. (Tip: Old Navy has a cute line of button-ups for a reasonable price.)

6. Go for the A-Line Skirt

Finding skirts can be a nightmare if you don’t know which kind to look for. When I shop for a pencil-style skirt, I nearly lose my mind. They are usually too tight-fitting and make me hate the shopping experience. I’ve learned to keep my eyes peeled for A-line skirts and skirts with a bit of a flare. This type of skirt totally avoids the tightness issue and can still be trendy and fashionable. Check out some of our favorite skirt looks for ideas and inspiration.

7. Bonus Tip

Girl, you’ve got to learn to sew! Knowing just a few basic sewing tricks can open up endless possibilities in making modesty a part of your wardrobe.

Your Turn!

What modesty tips and tricks can you share with the rest of us? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

PS: For a full list of tips and tricks, as well as a printable “Modesty Mirror Check,” download my new ebook Project Modesty. It’s loaded with everything you need to know for combining fashion with modesty. Follow the blog all week for your chance to win a copy.

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