5 Great Love Stories You Need to Know

Everyone loves a good love story. Here are five of my favs.

Love at First Sight

Jacob was a rascal who left home to sow some wild oats. He might have always been a rascal if he hadn’t found her, the girl of his dreams.

It happened like this . . .

Jacob was on the run, fleeing after a big blow up with his brother. He came upon a group of farmers. It seemed like a normal encounter on a normal day. And then . . . she arrived. She was the most beautiful, hippie farm girl Jacob had ever seen. Her name was Rachel and Jacob desperately wanted her to be his.

When they got close enough to touch, Jacob was undone by Rachel’s beauty. You know that face that grooms make when they catch a glimpse of their bride for the first time? When they can’t hold back the tears? Jacob was like that. He cried and kissed Rachel and asked her to be his bride. Then he took the old-fashioned route and asked her daddy for her hand. He worked hard to provide for her. In fact, he worked seven long years for Rachel but because he was so deeply in love, it felt just like a few days.

Eventually they were married. Their marriage wasn’t always easy, but Jacob loved Rachel until the day that he died.

Tested Love

Hosea loved his wife, Gomer, with his whole heart. Gomer probably loved Hosea back, but she was a mess. She cheated on Hosea over and over and over. Anyone with sense advised Hosea to cut his losses and file for divorce, but Hosea’s love for his bride was unbreakable. His love for God was even more so. He was determined to be faithful to his wife despite her wandering.

Eventually Gomer left her husband. He was devastated, but he did not cut his losses or write her off. It’s true she had messed up big time, but Hosea pursued her. He paid a very high price to have her back, not because she deserved it. She didn’t. He ransomed her because he loved her so much. No matter how far she tried to run, he would search for her. There was a place in his heart that only she could fill.

Love and Betrayal

Joseph and Mary were newly engaged. Every time they saw each other they got butterflies in their stomachs. Their love was so new and so tender. They were anxiously looking forward to a long life together.

But then, Joseph got the news. Mary was pregnant. It couldn’t be his baby. They were not married yet. He assumed she cheated. The bottom of his world fell out.

He could have humiliated her. After all, what kind of girl gets pregnant by a man she is not married to while she is engaged to someone else? But then Joseph thought of the names she would be called. He imagined the rumors that would swirl, and he remembered that he loved Mary with his whole heart. Even though his heart was shattered into a bazillion pieces, he couldn’t bring himself to humiliate her publicly. He tried to move on in private.

But then things got really crazy! An angel, as in a giant glowing man in white robes appeared to Joseph and told him to marry Mary. The baby in her tummy was not evidence of her unfaithfulness. God had a plan to use this sweet, young couple in the biggest rescue mission imaginable. Joseph didn’t think twice. He married his bride and cared for her tenderly as her belly grew. He loved her well for the rest of his life.

Love Worth Dying For

A groom fell in love with a young woman. Truth be told, he was way out of her league. But He didn’t care. He loved her with the kind of love that doesn’t make sense and cannot be stopped. He knew that if He was going to have her as His own, He would need to prepare a place for her. So He left, promising to return for her once He had built a place for them to live together forever.

He didn’t just build her a new home. He planned the wedding, called the caterers, and picked out table linens. He made sure that their reception would be the most special day of His bride’s life.

He picked out a dress. Honestly, she didn’t deserve to wear white. She had made some mistakes. But the groom didn’t care. He bought her the most brilliant white dress He could find. When He looked at her, He didn’t see mistakes. She looked perfect through the lenses of His great love.

When everything was ready, He came back for His bride. Their wedding was the biggest event of all times. Their marriage will break the bonds of time. They will truly be together forever.

Love That’s Better Than the Movies

Jason and Erin met in high school. They both loved Jesus and they loved each other, and that was enough. Because of their desire to please the Lord and bless each other, they saved the deepest parts of themselves for their wedding day. They were married barefoot on the beach at sunset.

That was thirteen years ago. Life has thrown some curveballs. There aren’t endless candlelight dinners and romantic getaways, but sometimes that happens and they’re glad. The love that first bloomed in their teenage years has flourished and grown beyond their wildest dreams.

They’ve learned that lasting love is possible. That the way to be happy is to serve each other like crazy. That butterflies can still flap their wings in your tummy when you’ve been in love for more than a decade. And most of all that Jesus is the super glue that holds true love together.

“We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

A Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

I’m sure you already figured out that most of these love stories are ripped straight from the pages of the Bible. The last one is an exception. That’s my favorite love story, because it is my own. I included it because I want you to know that pure, lasting love really does happen. I wasn’t sure that was true when I was your age.

The rest of them come from the Bible. I’d love for you to take some time to find them during your personal Bible study in the days to come. As you read this story, pay attention to what they reveal about God’s crazy love for you. His love for us really is the best love story every told.

Leave me a comment below telling me where each story is found. (Don’t cheat and just copy and paste answer from other commenters). I’d also love to hear some of your favorite love stories. Do your parents have a great love story? Do you? Tell me about it below.

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