5 Friday Favorites

Hey there, friends!

Today’s post is totally fun and exciting.

But first: Did you know our blog has a big sister? We do—it’s the True Woman blog, and they’ve started a series called The Friday Five that will publish every Friday. Well, what’s one thing little sisters do best? We copy our big sisters!

We’re pulling an “imitation is the best form of flattery” card and starting our own fun Friday post full of our faves. So welcome to the first installment of 5 Friday Favorites, where we’ll (of course) be sharing some of our favorite things with you, from other blog posts to YouTube videos to recipes to products—you name it! Some faves might be spiritually challenging, some just might be laugh-out-loud silly. The whole idea is to share some happy things while getting to know each other better!

So here’s our first-ever list of 5 Friday Favorites:

1. Mo Isom

This summer, Mo Isom became one of my favorite writers. I’m a voracious poolside reader, and I demolished (in the best way possible) her new book, Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot. Her candid conversation about how temptation and lust collides with the gospel is powerful, and I firmly believe this message is one we all need. I can’t recommend this book enough, because it’s all about finding freedom and satisfaction in Jesus! (Mo does have some rather honest dialogue, so use discernment in considering if you’re ready to read this book.)

I loved that book so much that I immediately Amazon Primed (that’s a verb, right?) Mo’s first book, Wreck My Life: Journeying from Broken to Bold. Again, this one is a must-read! In sharing her testimony, Mo highlights the power of the gospel to set us free from identifying in anything but Christ. She’s relatable, she’s honest, and she’s steadfast in pointing readers to the Truth. I read Wreck My Life in one sitting (yup, poolside) and wish I could send it to every single one of you.

2. Maggie’s T-Shirt Co

Maggie Ward is an uber creative friend of mine, and if you follow us on Instagram, you may already know her. (She does some lovely handlettering posts for us!) Earlier this year, Maggie launched her own T-shirt company, and she designs and releases one new T-shirt every month. Unique, right? I love November’s T-shirt; it’s the perfect visual reminder to be filled with gratitude. (And if you go casual on Thanksgiving Day, this shirt would be spot on.)

Maggie prints to order, so it’s pretty cool to know that your T-shirt was screenprinted just for you.

Check out the November collection, and give her an Insta follow!

3. The Bible Project: Visual Storytelling Meets the Bible

Maybe I’m late to the game here, but I just recently discovered The Bible Project. Their short, illustrated videos explain biblical concepts in easy-to-understand ways. If you’re a visual learner, the animated illustrations will help you deepen your understanding, and if you’re an auditory learner, the narration will be helpful to you. Since I’ve got Advent on the brain (check out Monday’s post!), I thought their Advent series would be a cool place to start watching. Take a look.

4. College Football on a Cozy Fall Saturday

Growing up in northern Indiana, Notre Dame football on a crisp Saturday (with bright red and orange leaves crunching underfoot) was one of the very best things in life. There’s not much else that I romanticize more than that kind of autumn day; the wind is chilly, but inside, lights are warm and everything is cozy. Add a pot of soup simmering on the stove, an apple candle burning, and freshly baked pumpkin bread cooling on the counter . . . and I’m more at home than ever. So I have to admit, tomorrow is my birthday, and Notre Dame is playing (go Irish!). And while I’m not in Indiana, I’m hoping for a cloudy and crisp Saturday for just a little nostalgic taste of my growing up years.

If you’re into cozy days cheering on your own college team, here’s a list of the Pioneer Woman’s soup recipes—her corn and cheese chowder is ridiculous.

Also, a super simple pumpkin bread recipe to try. Happy cozy-ing!

(PS: Cornbread is one of the best soup sidekicks, and my favorite one totally comes in a box.)

5. Books!

This summer, I joined a book club! We meet once a month, and we select titles from a variety of genres. Since joining, I’ve read . . .

On Instagram, we recently polled our followers to see if you prefer digital books or physical books—and a whopping 90 percent of you prefer to turn a real page rather than to swipe as you read! I am so on Team Real Books. Set aside that phone and open a hard copy, smell the pages, write in the margins, dog-ear your favorite sections. Reading is lovely.

What books are you reading these days? Got any recommendations? Share in the comments!

That wraps up this week’s 5 Friday Favorites! Join us next Friday for five more!

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